Monday, 10 January 2011

Has another 30 pieces of silver changed hands?

In advance of tomorrow's debate in the House of Commons by the Committee of the whole House, Matthew d'Ancona has an article in today's Evening Standard. When the captain of a ship is facing  a perilous journey, as is Cameron, it always helps if a 'lick spittle' can be found to smooth the waters ahead - whilst ensuring that said 'lick spittle's' career is enhanced and maintained.
"Imperfect though it may be, the bill is a dramatic punctuation mark in the history of Britain's relationship with the European Union. It states absolutely explicitly that European law derives its authority solely from Parliament — a rebuff to senior judges who have claimed otherwise. It gives Parliament a greater say in what ministers can and cannot agree with Brussels. It establishes a framework for future referendums on EU measures which will be hard for future governments to discard."
Methinks d'Ancona needs to actually read the European Union Bill. Hell, if all d'Ancona received was 30 pieces of silver, methinks he undersold himself!

Open Europe has produced a paper on this Bill, one that includes all the amendments that have been submitted - and those tabling the amendments can be found here. Much has been written in the press about a revolt by supposedly Eurosceptic Conservative MPs resulting in the defeat of the Coalition. Previously, all expected 'revolts' by that group have only been remarkable by their non-event and tomorrow, I would suggest, will not provide any change to that.

Some simple questions though: If all those Eurosceptic Conservative MPs firmly believe that Britain should not be a member of the European Union, why are they submitting amendments to a Bill that continues the 'status-quo? Why do they not organise a total rejection of the Bill? On this subject, why do they not 'bring down' the Coalition? 

Nothing to do with interruption to their career progression, is it? No, thought not!


Quiet_Man said...

If it does go through (and I suspect it will damn them) then this government will no longer be able to ride on the coat tails of being EUskeptic and I suspect will distance themselves even more from their demoralised grass roots.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

QM: And as we all now know, it has so your comment is even more apt!