Thursday, 13 January 2011

The day David Cameron Con'd his own party and the public?

Remember this - a speech which it is considered 'won' Cameron the Conservative Party leadership :

Part 1:

Part 2 (Parts 3 - 5 follow automatically):

Some extracts:
"We're not frightened of debate, we don't mind having an argument and we're not frightened of free speech."
Try telling that to Lord Young or the constituents of Witney, where Cameron thrice refused to debate membership of the European Union!
"After our third election defeat we were defeated by a government that has complicated the tax system, run down the health system, dumbed down the education system and has bankrupted the pension system, yet still we were defeated.  We have been defeated by a government that nobody believes, that has passed powers to a European Union that nobody trusts, has set up regional assemblies that nobody wants and that nobody has voted for, but still we were defeated."
And faced with a government that had also bankrupted the country - he still couldn't win!
"I joined this party because I love my country. I love our people, our history, our traditions, our characteristics........I joined this party because I believe in freedom....I want people to feel good about voting Conservative again."
If he loves this country, people, history, traditions and characteristics - oh, and freedom - how come he is so keen to let an alien body wreck it?

As an aside, for those Oxfordshire readers, especially those in West Oxfordshire, who have never met him, in part 4, 4:16 minutes in and centre frame wearing glasses is Barry Norton, Leader of West Oxfordshire District Council and Election Agent for David Cameron - but I digress....

Talking about changing the Conservative Party, Cameron continues:
"Its not some slick re-branding exercise or marketing exercise in spin......."
"We can help to change politics. I listen to young people and they tell me the whole political system switches them off.  They see the name calling, the back-biting, the point scoring, the shouting in the House of Commons - and that's got to change......."
So name calling and point scoring has to stop? "We have a chancellor that can't count and a leader of the Labour party that doesn't count". Pot, Kettle, David?

So what, exactly, went wrong David, with all those high ideals? Oh, sorry, just realised that because you could not be 'straight' with the electorate, because you reneged on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - whether it was 'law' or otherwise, you could have still held a referendum on the basis it was a change to the constitution of our country and should therefore be put to a referendum - because you 'screwed up' on your election strategy - you ended up in bed with Nick Clegg as a result of your determination to seize the prize denied you by the electorate.

Following his election as Leader of his party, Cameron gave a 'victory speech' which can be read and viewed here. In his 'victory speech' Cameron repeats that he won't play politics with the long-term future of our country; that he wants to sweep away the quangos and central control of the state; that he pledges that the old will have their dignity and safety guaranteed - which begs the question why he has allowed Wardens to be taken away from Sheltered Housing (but again I digress) and on all of which he merits the comment - epic fail!

Actually, if you read both his speeches in full, it was obvious the direction in which he intended pursuing, however the Tory faithfull were swayed by rhetoric, as always - and heard what they wanted to hear.

And people wonder why I and so many, many others attack Cameron so much and so often.......?
Afterthought: If anyone wonders how far Cameron has moved to the left - just compare the parting in his hair from 2005 to now!


FloTom said...

"If he loves this country"

He would have to decide which country that is. As his speech in Scotland make clear when he said "I will take on the sour Englanders" it certainly isn't England

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Flo Tom: Cameron doesn't have a country as he is a European!