Friday, 7 January 2011

Grant Shapps - ConDem'd?

He tweets this (yeah, I'm sure he just threw it together - not) and on clicking the link you get this, with the 'rider' that comments are closed.

Anyway, clicking on contact and then selecting the option "I am NOT a Welwyn Hatfield constituent", completing the mandatory questions in respect of name, address, telephone number and email, the following message was left:
"As a government minister, why am I not allowed to contact you directly - albeit not one of your constituents - in order to raise any concerns, which is what you intimate on your home page.

I only ask as having raised certain matters for which you are responsible, via my own MP (your boss) in early October, I am still waiting for a satisfactory answer.

Whilst it is well known the 'wheels of government' grind exceedingly slowly, even you would agree, I feel sure, that three months is a tad too long?

As it is obvious you do not wish to hear from anyone who is not a constituent, perhaps you would be a good Schapp (forgive the pun) and have a word with David Cameron so that I might receive a response?

With thanks in anticipation,

Kind regards,

Let us see what that brings forth.........................


Mark Wadsworth said...

Splendid pun there, you even gave in to temptation and spelled it "Schapps" with a "c" (which is how it should be spelled, IMHO).

Next time, would you like to spatter your email with phrases like "I grant you..." and "Granted, ..."?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

MW: I am saving up the 'granted' etc for the condemnational response that will appear in the press, if their silence is maintained - assuming they agree to print it!