Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Manipulation of due democratic process

As I wrote in this post:
"First, it was obvious that, for reasons unknown but one suspects may be due to a little jiggery-pokery by "Business Managers", certain amendments would be not debated as the Coalition were determined that the 10pm time limit would not be extended. A cynic would also say that some MPs were likewise so determined as many spent far too long in what could be termed rambling, almost incoherent speeches, whilst also acknowledging that time was of the essence as others wished to speak."
Confirmation of my suggestion about 'jiggery-pokery' comes in a withering article from Peter Bone on Conservative Home:
"In a classic whips' operation, they arranged for pliable backbenchers to speak at length on the opening group of amendments to stop debate on mine or any subsequent amendments. In all, the whips managed to stop any debate on four clauses and twenty five amendments."
He continues:
"No doubt the Whips were cracking open the champagne last night, yet another victory for government control and another loss for parliamentary scrutiny. But a word of caution to the Whips: this is exactly what the Brown Government did, avoiding debate on controversial matters, for short term gain, but it caused long term pain. It bred discontent and frustration amongst Labour backbenchers and history is beginning to repeat itself.

"Every Bill now has a 'programme motion' setting out how much time can be spent scrutinising and debating each part. These are automatic guillotines, and the time allowed for scrutiny is set in advance, before anyone can see whether or not a particular issue is contentious or complex. Watching a minister in the Commons drawing out one point for an hour to fill the time, to an audience of dozing backbenchers – this is not accountability."This was said by David Cameron, on May 26th 2009."
This move by the Coalition Whips, obviously sanctioned by Cameron, is outrageous, dictatorial and an affront to due democratic process, especially in view of Cameron's previous condemnation of an identical practice. What is even more despicable is that I have not seen one article, of condemnation or otherwise, in our supposedly free press!

Is there no end to the depths to which Cameron will stoop in his desire to subject the people of this nation to total subservience to EU governance? By his course of action Cameron not only debases his position within the government and that of a Member of Parliament but more importantly, of himself as a person.


Edward Spalton said...

Could you email me? mine keep bouncing back.

Anonymous said...

Cameron is a disgrace to the name Conservative and a disgrace to Government

Anonymous said...

We must remember that, just as brown was, Cameron is an heir to Blair.

His need to control is total, his wish to nanny is the same and his economic solutions are so similar; hats off to Balls to be able to slip the occasional fag paper between them