Friday, 21 January 2011

A DT Letter - and comment!

From the Letters Section of the Daily Telegraph today:
"SIR – Well done, Baroness Warsi (report, January 20). It is time that a government minister spoke out against the attitude towards Muslims in Britain.
Terrorists are always taken as Muslim terrorists, but we are never told of Christian terrorists, Hindu terrorists, Jewish terrorists etc.
There is prejudice against Muslims, and it has no place in a fair Big Society.
Hyder Ali Pirwany
Okehampton, Devon
Well, this person has been living under the "rule" of four non-Muslim terrorists since 1990 - or hadn't he/she noticed? Also, if as seems to be the case, that he/she finds the "prejudice" he/she considers is suffered, why is he/she still here?

Just asking, like..................


john in cheshire said...

muslim victim mentality, as usual. And if all else fails, invent something to distract attention from the real perpetrators.

The Talking Clock said...

Well done Sayeeda Warsi. You've got a long way... for somebody who has never been elected.

Her and Cathy Ashton, before anyone thinks this comment is based in prejudice.

Baroness? Either of them?

And they want to get rid of hereditary peers, do they?

What... for more like Warsi and Ashton to be appointed and placed? Ha!

English Pensioner said...

I consider that I am reasonably well informed as far as current events are concerned, as apart from reading my daily newspaper and watching the news on TV, I also use the Internet to read a number of English language newspapers from around the world. I certainly don't remember reading anything about Christian terrorists or indeed Hindu terrorists. Yes, the Muslims regard many Israeli actions as terrorism, but that is simply "the pot calling the kettle black", and they are certainly not terrorist actions by my definition.
So where are all these unreported terrorist atrocities - I can't see the BBC ignoring them with their pro-Arab, anti-Christian stance.

Voyager said...


Remember that every obstacle to Muslims becoming dominant is "discrimination"

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Quite agree and applicable to other 'groups'

TTC: Another exampler of 'they know best and to hell with what the people think'!

EP: Nice comment re the BBC. I can but echo the view of jic above.

Voyager: Too true!

Jeremy Hartley said...

Of course, Muslims REALLy worship pagan Gods. They pretend they don't, but they do.

They worship Baphomet, the same as the Illuminati and the gays.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH: On the belief that all religion is based on 'beliefs' - are not all 'Gods' pagan?