Monday, 10 January 2011

A totally xenophobic post

for which I make no apologies and on which I leave the last word to Richard North, EU Referendum.

Where racism is concerned, personally, it matters not the colour of any one's skin who wishes to legally reside in this country, providing they assimilate and do not abuse the hospitality that we show by our agreeing to their stay.

But when instances such as this occur - and unfortunately it now seems to happen with greater regularity - then I get damn annoyed.

And we are informed that:
"Europe needs a geographically balanced migration policy, which should benefit society in the home as well as in the host country, and of course the migrants themselves"
Well, it may not have benefited the host country, but it sure as hell benefited the migrant!

At the start of this year, as a resolution - and attempting to curry favour with a Raccoon so that I might get a mention or two on her blog - I decided that I would not resort to including swearing in any form whilst posting. In this particular instance, it seems my will-power amazes even me!

On the basis that Richard North's prophesy will, indeed, happen it is only too obvious that we are blessed with an extraordinary number of 'Richard-Heads' amongst our political class!


Anonymous said...

Ever since the West started ploughing our dosh into Africa as 'aid', we've seen the phenomenon of Africans becoming rather good at acting, particularly in front of the TV cameras.

Sure, there are some genuine cases but the combination of the western media constantly seeking out sob stories and government aid creates a kind of moral hazard which, over time, defeats laudable goals of this nature.

Curiously, the Swedish government hasn't sought to extradite her. Perhaps it's because she hasn't cheesed of the US.

subrosa said...

Ah, so that's how you curried favour. :)

Actually I entirely agree with you. Not about the favour - the post.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

fausty: comment accepted.

subrosa: Thanks for your endorsement - although I have to say I do the puns/jokes on this blog! (Heh)