Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oh for heaven's sake!

Matthew d'Ancona has managed to plumb new depths even when judged by his standards, with the publication of his op-ed piece in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph, under the headline of: "The Tories couldn’t deliver the goods without the Lib Dems". Perhaps the Sunday Telegraph is liable under the Misrepresentation of Goods Act, because surely this op-ed was not written by d'Ancona, but by Cameron?
"Tory-supporting constituents lent their votes to the Lib Dem candidate, Elwyn Watkins, in sufficient numbers to save him and his party from catastrophe."
Go compare voting figures d'Ancona and you will see LibDem supporters voted for their candidate, it was the Conservative supporters that basically stayed at home!

Discussing the cries of what d'Ancona terms the 'Right', he pens:
"For the Right, all this presents an existential crisis, a carnival of introspection. “What about us?” is their self-indulgent wail. To which Cameron’s answer is, as it should be: who cares? It was often said that Gordon Brown wanted to be Labour leader, whereas Tony Blair wanted to be Prime Minister. In his handling of this by-election, Cameron has shown where his own priorities lie. He wants to head a durable and coherent Coalition, delivering the goods, more than he wants to be a beloved leader of the Tory tribe. As a special adviser to John Major’s Cabinet, he knows what fate awaits a PM who tries to keep every faction in his party happy. Instead, Cameron’s single-minded purpose is to do whatever it takes to hold the Government together until 2015"
No, as posted earlier this evening, Cameron's single-minded purpose is to do whatever it takes to remain in Number 10. He cares not one jot for his country, his party, nor Clegg. If Cameron has to 'shaft' one, two or all three he will do it - mark my words!

Heaven preserve us from 'Con' artists - both political and journalistic!

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