Sunday, 30 January 2011

Chaytor 'sprung' from Wandsworth Prison

According to the Mail on Sunday David Chaytor has been moved from Wandsworth Prison, with what would appear to be indecent haste, to Spring Hill Prison in Buckhamshire.

A Freedom of Information request has winged its way to the Ministry of Justice asking a few pertinent questions - and as and when any response is received said response will be published on this blog.

Our Ken surely did not get on the blower to Wandsworth Prison and 'bend' the Head Honcho's ear - did he? You know, something along the lines that there are varying degrees of accommodation offered by the state and that, in view of his previous employment, he was accustomed to slightly better than that presently being experienced in the borough of Wandsworth?

All will no doubt be revealed in due course - unless the Min of Jus decide the information I requested is of a 'sensitive nature' - Ye Ken?

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