Sunday, 16 January 2011

Who or what is sovereign?

John Redwood posts some more thoughts on sovereignty and ends thus:
"Ultimately, in all systems, the popular will is sovereign. The most powerful of medieval monarchs had to exercise power in ways that avoided alienating too many powerful forces at the same time. The most powerful of Prime Ministers has to be ever mindful of popular support and popular opinion. Even the worst tyrannies of the world can eventually be torn down by people power, as we saw in Eastern Europe and elsewhere."
One wonders how long we must wait for the people to come to their senses and actually tear down this tyranny that poses as democracy?


Anonymous said... thought this article might interest you, they are trying to dismiss Stuart Wheeler, but I believe they do him a disservice

Nigel Sedgwick said...

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Derek said...

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Nigel Sedgwick said...


Yes, but the triple attempt at my main comment did not: so I'm done with WfW.

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Voyager said...

In school I read Hansard at the local library, then M. Thatcher decided it should no longer be subsidised for public circulation and my contact with Parliament ceased.

It seemed more a private club thereafter and in the intervening years I have noted its seeming irrelevance to be anything but a nuisance.

Oliver Cromwell is sorely missed. In his absence I revelled in the film "V for Vengeance" which was brilliant in its execution.

David Cameron is an Etonian who has disdain for the hoi-polloi and believes it is his droit de seigneur to rule and for others to obey. In few countries do institutions like Eton exist, and in few do political parties like the Conservatives bow and scrape to its almuni.

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and Chelsea put David Cameron atop his party instead of David Davis....and they choose an image they liked rather than one who might LEAD. The destruction of the Conservative Party in inevitable. Any politician who freezes police pay while driving petrol prices towards £1.40/litre and cutting public sector jobs is heading for turmoil.

What i most loathe about Hague, Cameron, Osborne, Miliband, Clegg is that they are so inept at politics....Eric Pickles in contrast is deft

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the link - interesting indeed.

NS: Sorry to lose you don't understand why you had a problem and others don't....

Voyager: agree with you last para, definitely, although when it comes to hemp and lamp posts, those who 'went along with Cameron' will be found just as guilty as they put personal advancement before country - and that includes Big Eric!