Saturday, 8 January 2011

Quite Agree

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the topic of the Daily Express and their 24 page 'pull-out' in today's edition. Writing about the presentation, he states:
"The EU is not a foreign construct imposed on us. Our government is an enthusiastic part of the EU nexus and the only reason we are in the EU is because Parliament permits it. It is not looking over the Channel to the Continent that our brave crusader needs to be doing. He needs to be looking inwards, tearing down the gates of Westminster. The enemy is within."
From my preceding post, written, it seems, simultaneously as that of Richard North's:
"Much of what has befallen our nation can be laid at the door of the European Union and our membership of that body. Our Exchequer is empty and its reputation shot to hell and back; our lands have been sold in the political sense, as have our assets; resulting in our nation being broken both financially and politically. Because of our politicians being only too willing to use membership of the European Union as a means to engage in a little 'social engineering' we have now had the demographic make-up of our nation changed. To use 'IT' terminology we have 'Trojans' within our midst and these worms - be they EU officials, home-grown political quislings, or immigrants bent on changing our nation - have only one aim which is the total destruction of the United Kingdom."
As Richard North so eloquently writes, the target of our ire is misplaced - that target is not in Brussels, but in Westminster. Until the people of this land have the gumption to elect those, regardless of political persuasion, who will agree to repeal the European Communities Act 1972, our enslavement continues!


Woodsy42 said...

I made a similar comment on EUreferendum but I'll repeat it here.
I can understand why their campagne seems oversimplistic and full of mistakes, but the Express is a mass market newspaper. Its readers are not up with the full facts, nor indeed will many be interested in them. A complete acurate anaysis of the situation would simply be lost on that readership, so like other mass-market tabloids they work on emotions. We may not like the X-factor knee-jerk society but we have one, at all levels!
Isn't it a good thing that a significant member of the MSM should stir up debate and anti EU feelings, however it's done?
A few million more disaffected people pushing for action, harranging their MPs, making their feelings known may not affect the real debate, may not even be fighting the right 'enemy' but they wouldn't have been involved othewise, so that has to helpful just by adding weight. People vote, and hold political opinions for all sorts of bizare reasons but at the end of the day the more there are the bigger their voice.
Incidentally the PDF of the document from the Telegraph site won't download here, might that mean something?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Woodsy42: Fair comment, but then we must educate them!

Re pdf: yup had same problem. Downloaded earlier though and cud send you a copy?

Woodsy42 said...

Thanks for the offer WfW but I expect it will work again later, if not I'll get back. The way it times out half way looks like overloaded server or someone is doing something, it's unusual.
Indeed as Richard and you say, such a simplistic campagne won't do the job. People do need to be educated to be a meaningful pressure group.
But I think we all probably realise now that the EU won't be resolved by polite discussion, the rot is too deep and they aren't going to listen. So I recon there is a need for as many foot soldiers as can be gathered. They can scream for decent light bulbs, an end to VAT, or whatever they like, but pressure is pressure and adds to political discomfort.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Woodsy42: (a) ok will wait to hear - cud be a formatting error or more likely 'interference'! (b) can see your point, hopefully it might lead to more detailed questioning by the sheep, which would then lead to what RN and I both want.

subrosa said...

I'm all for anything which explains, in basic terms, why we should leave the EU. As Woodsy says some people don't want to know detail, just headlines and that's what the Express is providing. If they want to know more they can Google like we do. Can't they? ;)

WitteringsfromWitney said...

subrosa: Agreed and acknowledged in previous comment. Yes, the DE is doing a fantastic job and one can only hope that the public will engage brain and start asking questions, thus wanting more detail'.