Thursday, 2 June 2011

Recall - At least 5% of MPs "get it"!

Regular readers will know that I have railed in the past about the Coalition's stated promise to introduce a recall system by constituents for their Member of Parliament, which unstated in their programme for governmment (2nd paragraph page 27) would be dependant on a committee of their peers agreeing said recall was warranted.

Credit and plaudits therefore to the 33 cross-party Members of Parliament who have signed Early Day Motion 1253! Nice to see that 5% of our elected representatives can remember at least one small item that is conducive to representative democracy!

If your MP has not signed this EDM then please use this page to contact him/her. Ask them to sign and if they wont, ask why not! The debate takes place on 10th June, so no time to lose............ (pretty please!)

1 comment:

James Higham said...

and if they wont, ask why not!

He'll claim it is a national issue.