Saturday, 11 June 2011

Enough - no more!

"There is nothing that you could say to me now that I could ever believe"
Those words, reputedly said by Gordon Brown to Tony Blair, have become so true when applied to political utterances by any politician regardless of party. That assertion is summed up in a 'to the point' post from CallingEngland, one she entitles "What a mess".
"We're paying them to do a job they don't do. They've handed control to those who are not elected and who sit in a profligate & authoritarian Parliament two hundred miles away. Politics is corrupt."
We are continually informed by the political elite that "only they know best"; that what they do is for our own good. If they know so much then how come Clegg requires five special advisers and takes over £1million pounds of public money to do something that he considers himself qualified - and therefore presumably capable - to do?

We are informed by Keith Vaz that there is a 'major crime problem' within the Palace of Westminster - to which I have to ask just what does he expect when 600+ fraudsters congregate together?

Raedwald posts on yet another political promise that has been binned, one that leaves our Coalition in a bit of a 'pickle' - not for the first time, either.

Autonomous Mind posts on abuse of the law by politicians and the police and asks just how much longer will the public stay silent while their so-called freedoms are curtailed further, stating that 'we' have to make a stand. Well, perhaps the need to make a stand has already begun with Richard North posting about the residents of Achany have managed to get a 23 turbine wind farm shut down due to the excessive noise - a noise I seem to recall we were told was non-existent, or negligible.

The story 'du jour' is about the Balls/Brown/MilibandE 'assassination attempt' on Blair, from which we learn that the Treasury urged Brown to freeze real state spending in 2006 - a request Brown ignored, instead spending yet more money, a policy with which the Tories were in agreement although we don't hear too much about that! One question on this affair that is intriguing is that if our politicians maintain they are not corrupt and are incorruptible, then why did Blair not sack Brown and his coterie of trouble-makers? Just what 'hold' did they have on Blair?

This morning I spotted a tweet by Julian Huppert who informed the world that he was off to attend the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee. When I replied querying the word 'Federal' his response was that the Liberal Democrats are a Federal Party: England, Scotland and Wales. My response to that was that the Liberal Democrats were a party wedded to a Federal European superstate and that he and the LabCon should all hang their heads in shame. Needless to say Julian Huppert has been 'silent' since!

When considering all the foregoing it must become obvious that this state of affairs - a self-serving, venal and untrustworthy political elite, coupled with a bureaucracy that at times appears to have an agenda all their own - cannot continue. The time has surely come whereby the people demand and get small government with a large dose of "Referism", or they implement it themselves - with the resultant 'casualities of war' adorning lamp posts!

Update: A commenter on a previous post has quoted Chris Whalen, a US banking analyst, who put it succinctly with his recent comment "If we don't have consequences in politics then we end up with what we've seen in the last 30 years, which is a permanent political class.". Unless we hold the political elite to account, we will indeed be enslaved for eternity.


Oldrightie said...

Hi, WFW, I have posted much as you today and also used GV's excellent one today. This state of affairs surely cannot go on? The collapse of The EU will surely come and then maybe we can begin to build something better.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

OR: I fear it will continue until the public awake from their slumbers. Regardless of the financial implications of a euro collapse, I do not believe that will bring about the demise of the EU. What will, will be good old fashioned revolution because the political class have control of the medium of public information.

Woodsy42 said...

Oddly I drove past the Rosehall windfarm development last week. The appalling desecration of the otherwise untouched landscape being caused by these developments, which of course includes roads, ground clearances, traffic etc makes you want to weep.

PeterCharles said...

It just may be that we are approaching the global financial end game right now.

The US is sliding inexorably into double dip recession if you look at the 'real world' indicators there. The UK is bumping along trying to clear recession but 'real world' indicators here, retail price discounting, stagnant employment, falling factory gate orders, suggest we are following the US path. Greece is perceived to have not a cat's chance in hell of servicing its debts, as is the Irish case, and the Greek mob picketing their parliament screaming such endearments as 'Thieves, thieves' is starting to panic the politicians there. The Bank of Ireland is threatening to default unless private depositors accept 'haircuts' (although that in itself is a default to any normal being). Angela Merkal has capitulated to ultra socialist greenery while the German Constitutional Court is apparently set to rule against the EFSF, Tricet (ECB) and Schauble, hope I spelt it right, (GCB) are now at daggers drawn, advocating opposing policies. China seems to be entering economic meltdown.

Politicians can kick the can down the road only so far and I think they have reached the limit. Any of these bombs, and there are many more, going off could conceivably be the trigger.

For the last three years politicians all around the world have sat on their hands refusing meaningful reform on one side and spraying money like a soda syphon on the other, relying on their Banker friends assurances that economies will always boom after busts, just hang in there and it will all sort itself out, we'll all be back to business as normal in a month or two.

As we have discussed before, whether things will get bad enough for real change, a functional global monetary system, break up of the EU, abandoning CAGW hysteria, reduced government, safe retail banking, direct democracy and the curtailing of the political elite and the party system, only time will tell.

A word of caution though, history suggests a lurch into dictatorship or authoritarianism of some form is the most likely end result of such turmoil. If it does let us pray it is benign.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: I wonder if you needed the use of the non-existent edit button again? Are we not already in a dictatorship or authoritarianism, one that is far from benign?

Other than than - agree.

PeterCharles said...

Ah well, as you know I regard our present system as an elective oligarchy which equates to your 'democratised dictatorship', we occasionally get to choose which party pretends to represent us, 'pretend' being the operative word.

However, authoritarianism came in with William the Conqueror, 1066 and all that, and has been the norm in British governance ever since. The current political system has existed for about 100 years, solidifying into its present form of imposed social democracy post WW2. Blair and Brown added several turns to the ratchet, of course, as does EU participation, but I was warning of the potential for such turmoil to generate a Mussolini, Franco or even a Hitler, all of which had considerable public support, initially at least.

Hhmmm, sorry if that comes over a bit eggs, grandmothers and sucking :-)

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC Point taken - and quite partial to eggs, loved my granmother and as for sucking on the teat......

A K Haart said...

A bit off-topic, but apparently the German E. coli outbreak came from an organic farm. Oh dear.

TomTom said...

There is a lovely film Inside Job which you should all watch...

Inside Job

Organised Crime is the name of the game