Saturday, 25 June 2011

Spinning a lie.......

Following the latest European Council meeting of the EU Heads of State, David Cameron 'trumpets' that he has avoided the UK being involved in the latest bail-out to Greece - a claim which is not strictly true.

As reported by SkyNews, the UK is liable for approximately one billion euros under our membership of the IMF and as the leading article in the Independent states, to claim that the UK is not a party to this bail-out through the use of a technicality is disingenuous to say the least. In this leading article the point is well made that the presentation spin applied by Cameron is a deception of the British public and one that hides the truth, thus denying the facts.

The Cameron-led Coalition are as much pro-EU as was the Labour government previously, witnessed by the increase of £9.2billion in subscriptions to the IMF, money that is obviously to be used to prop up the Eurozone. This important point needs to be remembered when Cameron next attempts to justify cuts to the armed forces, or public services.

It also needs to be remembered that Christine Legarde, a French euro-integrationist, is being touted as the next head of the IMF - which leads one to believe that instead of an International Monetary Fund we are heading towards a European Monetary Fund, although recent events may well justify the opinion now held by many that we already have an EMF!

It really is time that the political elite dispensed with their 'smoke & mirrors' tricks - the public have sussed that as purveyors of magic solutions, the political elite are damn useless conjurers!

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