Thursday, 9 June 2011

Yet more 'mentalist' thinking

Although, with hindsight, maybe 'thinking' is the wrong word to use........

Earlier today I queried whether something had been added to the water in the Norwich area that resulted in a seemingly lemming-like adherence to preservation of the environment. While I should be occupied with other tasks, the following has landed in my in-box from Norwich and I cannot let it pass without comment.

Are not wind turbines known as 'bird-choppers'? Are fish confined to one small area of water?

It must be obvious that at least one resident in Rosebery Road drinks the water!


Adam R. said...

There's something about our current leafers and energy.

Obama and his unelected czar friends make up stupid laws that delay drilling for months, only to slowly issue permits like mentally challenged sloths when everyone in the Arab world decided to tear shit up. All because of one blowout!

Merkel decides to shut down nuke plants because of a tidal wave ruining another one in a totally different part of the world. All because of one disaster!

Dave Cameron's energy policy is really that of some twat (fav Brit slang) who can't pay his own parking tickets. All because he can't get a majority!

TomTom said...

Merkel opted out of nuclear because her party just lost Baden Wuerttemberg to the Greens after 50 years (ironically because of a Railway Station not nuclear) and Merkel loses elections in EVERY German city - it is pure politics.

Now ALL German parties agree on everything and it is a One Party State, the kind Merkel grew up in.

The demand for gas to replace nuclear should lead to hunge increases in price - Germany just had a 19% gas price hike BEFORE this.

There is Big Money for Limited Partnership deals on windmills and wave power with bungs for politicos

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AR & TT : Can't fault either of you - well said both,

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AR & TT : Can't fault either of you - well said both,

James Higham said...

WfW sir, you have the wrong logo up - the idea is for us our chains to be broken.

TomTom said...

Today there is a lovely article in Die Welt


Why Merkel has done more damage to democracy in Germany than any government in postwar history and the creation of the Gruene Einheitspartei (GED) is akin to the Sozialistische Einheitsparte Deutschlands (SED) that ran the GDR.

She has created a Block Party where voters have no choice on Green Politics - she has simply adopted the Opposition policies wholesale to stay in power