Sunday, 19 June 2011


Matthew Barrett, Conservative Home, posts on those MPs whom he describes as the most "cost-efficient" when considering "staffing costs, travel expenses, office costs, salary, and so on". Barrett highlights the fact that the majority of the top 50 MPs are Conservative.

If cost-efficiency were to be measured by being a member of the "voting fodder brigade", then as far as the Conservative Party is concerned the following have earned merit-marks for never having once rebelled against the government.

Other than voting against permission to bring in a private members bill to exempt pubs and private clubs from the smoking ban by David Nuttall, Conservative MP for Bury North, the following also failed to rebel against the Government:

Just saying..........................


john in cheshire said...

Cost efficient MPs, what a joke. I'd laugh if the thought didn't make me want to puke. The Nazis were cost efficient in running the gas chambers.

kenomeat said...

They have a nerve taking any salary or expenses when most of their responsibilities have been transferred across the channel. And have you seen how many of them bother to turn up for debates?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: A true, if slightly off-topic comment.

k: True and yes, it has not gone unnoticed!