Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Why Politician's 'Oaths' - and that of others - matters not one damn!

Courtesy of Subrosa comes the following:

No further comment necessary other than: Can we now leave, please?


Edward Spalton said...

I would recommend the video by Nigel Spearing which is also on the website of the Campaign for an Independent Britain

Nigel, a Labour MP, was the last to speak against the European Communities Act 1972.
He explains how Parliament voted for a treaty which MPs had not had the opportunity to read.

Bill Sticker said...

So, signing the official secrets act (Which I thought I was bound by) as an oath to the Crown, is meaningless. Oh boy. That's a can of worms and no mistake.

A K Haart said...

Chilling stuff if you reflect on the numerous implications.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

ES: Will include this at the next relevant opportunity.

BS: I too had to sign the OSA when I was a telegraphist - and yes, what a can of worms........

AKH: Agreed!

Edward Spalton said...

I used Philip's piece on Monday to round off my presentation on the EU to the sixth form of a girls' school.

I had stopped several times for questions before and was gratified by the number of specific, politely put questions. I think there must be a high proportion of budding Portias amongst them!

Philip's clip was played just before we were all getting ready to leave for lunch but I could tell from the reaction that they took notice. "Armed Forces Day" having just occurred, I had also compared the oath sworn by our soldiers with the oath sworn by Privy Counsellors (i.e Cabinet Ministers) and invited them to judge which of the two groups was doing its duty and to compare the casualties on each side.