Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I don't believe even Redwood 'gets it'........

John Redwood has a post on how a good pollster can warn a government off doing things which are currently unpopular - in relation to the appointment of Andrew Cooper.

As I have commented on his blog:
"It could make politics more exciting, and make the government more popular, if used intelligently."

Actually Mr. Redwood all that the people need is a few elected representatives (please note use of the word representatives, rather than delegates) to safeguard our nation militarily and to deal with our foreign relations, subject of course to our approval. We will govern ourselves, locally and decide amongst our selves the laws by which we wish to live, coupled with a liberal use of referenda both nationally and locally..

No need for government, no need for 650 MPs, no need for polling - a win/win situation for the people who matter - which is us, not the political elite!"
It is indeed disappointing to see one who champions freedom still of a mindset that includes the belief our freedom requires regulating by him and his colleagues!


Ian said...

Cameron must have set the whips on him

Goodnight Vienna said...

It's a shame - I always admired Redwood for his honesty but when he talks about "speaking truth to power" and using polls as a measure of that, I despair.

Unfortunately we've reached a stage in our political and democratic evolution where the only 'truth to power' will come not from the msm, not from pollsters, not from the voting booth but from the man on the street. Decades of politicians not adhering to manifestos, taking heed of pollsters and implementing short-term solutions without regard to the real interests of the nation, have ensured this.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

I: Methinks Redwood has become a "whipette"!

GV: It is indeed a shame and if Redwood has "fallen", then no doubt so has Hannan and Carswell.......? Oh, I forgot - I believe the are Redwood's forefathers?

Anonymous said...

Redwood is an old man. The fire has gone out of his belly.

The trouble is all the new blood has been through the equality, equal opportunities, candidate pre-selection brain numbing by party before they are even selected for the candidate shortlist.

james Harp said...

If it is the case, I should be sad.

I always considered him one of the few to tell it as it is.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: How right you are and my latest post just illustrates this fact.

jH: It would appear that this is indeed the case - how are the mighty fallen?