Saturday, 4 June 2011

More 'Westminster Bubble' crap

this time from Tim Montgomerie (again), writing in today's Mail. in which he states that MiliE is a disaster not just for Labour but for democracy.

Why do political parties need market research organisations to tell them whether they are reflecting the wishes of the public? Have politicians lost their faculties of sight and hearing?

Writing that voters shown a picture of MiliE, who may well be privately charming, consider him a tad weird, the point could also be made that when shown a picture of Cameron, who is likewise privately charming, they probably consider he has lost his marbles. (foreign aid, EU payments vs care for the elderly)

To condemn MiliE for getting married because he felt it might win him some more votes is a tad disingenious when considering Cameron got all 'husky' in the hope it would win him some green votes.

To maintain that Cameron beats MiliE when considering competence, principles and 'standing up for Britain' is disinformation in the extreme. The only competence Cameron understands is those he happily passes to Brussels; the only principles Cameron has are those dictated by events; and as for 'standing up for Britain', the only question to be asked is: when?

That Montgomerie claims David Cameron's 'messsages' on the environment and fighting poverty showed he was a different kind of Tory is probably the truest observation Montgomerie has made - in that Cameron is not a Tory!

With Montgomerie - and other self-appointed political gurus - writing about political leader's 'bunkers' just demonstrates that the political elite are most definitely distanced from those they are supposed to serve.

When listening or read the utterances of our politicians and political commentators such as Montgomerie, I am reminded of the old adage that it is empty vessels that make the most noise.

Just saying..........................


Katabasis said...

I simply do not understand Montgomerie.

He writes fluffy effluent about the Dear Leader like that you quote above but also writes pieces like this.

Is someone ghostwriting for him?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

K: Who knows what the though processes of the mindless are?

Oldrightie said...

Once an excellent foil in the opposition bubble, TM has gone all native, just like Dale. Both probably think they are destined for greatness and maybe will be but not where we are all concerned.