Monday, 6 June 2011

Taking a charitable view.........

The Guardian reports that the number of charities has fallen by 1,600, with some 'talking-heads' warning that a fall in the number of charities puts Cameron's 'Big Society' project in danger of failing - although when was that project never in danger of failing? (Apologies, yet again I digress)

For the Charity Commission to state it was unable to provide a breakdown of the reasons behind removals from the charity register but pointing out it had become more systematic about removing inactive charities can only be a statement that calls into question the ability, expertise and powers of reasoning of those working within that particular charity. If having chosen a particular course of action and then be unable to say why and how that action was taken, begs the question why that charity - and those working within it - exist.

It must be logical to assume, in light of the inability of the Charity Commission, that the majority of charities deleted were indeed inactive or had merged. Following on from that assumption, it means that at least circa 1,000 (minimum) new charities had been formed. In view of the fact that far too many charities receive public money, not in donations but in the form of 'grants' from central and local government, what has occured is the creation of yet more 'pressure groups', or government mouthpieces, to coerce and formulate public behaviour.

It is perhaps time that governments - and those politicians that form governments - were reminded of a quotation from Franklin D. Roosevelt, one that I will paraphrase:
"If we do not halt this steady process of building commissions, regulatory bodies and fake charities, like huge inverted pyramids over every one of the simple constitutional provisions, we shall soon be spending many billions of pounds more."
With the introduction of regulatory bodies and fake charities intent on coercing and formulating public behaviour as part of the social engineering project so beloved by the political elite, it is perhaps pertinent to recall that today marks the 67th anniversary of the start of a long and bloody battle to restore freedom to Europe.

It is, sadly, unfortunate that somewhere along the way we seem to have mislaid the freedom thingy........


TomTom said...

Take Christian Aid - a misnomer. Founded to help Christians in Europe after 1945 it became a pressure group almost ignoring Christian Suffering around the world.

Yet as a reward it receives £22 million from DFID and £8 million from the EU. I suppose it just has to have a "Christian Aid Week" to raise £12.5 million to qualify for the tax advantages being a "Charity" confers on a Government Agency. It even has Anthony Minghella's sister who earned £200,000 at the FSA now as CEO on an unlisted salary

We could take a look at Barnardos for amusement, another Quango heavily funded by the Government.

Then we could look at the Church of England and how much money it gets under "Cohesion Funds" from The Home Office to provide tours of mosques so parishioners get to see the New Revelation. We can see how earnestly many in the C oF E dream of Civil Servant status as paid functionaries of The HOme Office

You might recall how Gordon Brown changed the rules so many charities running cricket clubs etc were encouraged to become Limited Companies instead ?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Other good examples of what amounts to another scam

How could I forget the content of your last paragraph........?

Adam R. said...

Charity is supposed to be the act of giving to someone from the bottom of one's heart. When an organization gets money that you had no choice in giving, that is looting and plunder.

In the US, PBS and Planned Parenthood act as if they are groups who always need the kindness of strangers in terms of funding. PBS constantly does these charity drives, despite getting billions from our pockets whether we like it or not. I also feel that it is pointless that Sesame Street merchandise is privately marketed when that show is the result of government policy. Honestly, let Disney buy out some of their properties.

Planned Parenthood is one of the worst "private" groups in existence. There were people protesting this year, not over the issue of choice (despite their signs), but publically funding it. And of course these asswipes get the children involved. It's no longer about the ethics of the issue, but whether or not we should pay for it in our 1040 forms. Planned Parenthood is run by scum. They promote underage prostitution, social engineering and population control. Watch the videos. I must say this; I don't feel like paying for anyone's goddamn abortion. Pay for it yourself or use the coat hanger! I'm dead serious!

They are just a few of our "fake charities"!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AR: fully appreciate from whence you are coming........