Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Manifesto pledges

According to Paul Waugh, Edward Leigh saddled up and mounted his high horse, in the House of Commons, on the subject of 'manifesto pledges'. On this subject of broken promises, the list appears to be growing, especially if we include 'cast-iron guarantees' - but again I am guilty of digressing.

Edward Leigh has been a Member of Parliament since 1983 and therefore must know that broken manifesto promises, together with cast-iron guarantees, are par for the course, regardless of which party is in government, so one has to question his surprise and indignation.

Whilst probably suffering a deadly sting from The Purple Scorpion, who believes that "Referism" is a load of "BO 11 LUX", were we to have said "Referism" in operation - whereby nowt happens without the approval of we the people - Edward Leigh would then be able to keep his blood pressure with acceptable medical levels.

Just saying........................

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