Monday, 20 June 2011

And Cameron still thinks he governs the UK

Well, come 1st November 2014 he will be forced to change the record, something we learn courtesy of CallingEngland. She writes:

"On 1st November 2014 the following areas of competence will switch from requiring unanimous approval of all member states to qualified majority voting:

Initiatives of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Administrative co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Asylum – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Border controls – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Citizens' initiative regulations – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Civil protection – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Committee of the Regions – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Common defence policy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Crime prevention incentives – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Criminal judicial co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Criminal law – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Culture – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Diplomatic & Consular protection – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Economic & Social Committee – Nice: QMV Lisbon: QMV
Emergency international aid – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon: QMV
Energy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
EU budget – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Eurojust – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
European Central Bank – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
European Court of Justice – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Europol – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Eurozone external representation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Foreign Affairs High Representative election – Lisbon: QMV
Freedom of movement for workers – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Freedom to establish a business – Nice: Unanimity Lisbon QMV
Freedom, security, justice, co-operation & evaluation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
General economic interest services – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Humanitarian aid – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Immigration – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Intellectual property – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Organisation of the Council of the EU – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Police co-operation – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
President of the European Council election – Lisbon: QMV
Response to natural disasters & terrorism – Lisbon: QMV
Rules concerning the Armaments Agency – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Self-employment access rights – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Social Security Unanimity – Nice: QMV; Lisbon: QMV
Space – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Sport – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Structural & Cohension Funds – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Tourism – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Transport – Nice: Unanimity; Lisbon: QMV
Withdrawal of a member state – Lisbon: QMV
CallingEngland states that in relation to the infamous being in Europe but not run by Europe Cameron is therefore a lying weasel. Weasel? Methinks she is too kind.............

From that list perhaps a visiting Europhile would care to point to just one item that will not affect every man, woman and child in the UK?

Of course, with no chance of that making the columns of the MSM and it being unlikely any one of our elected representatives will raise the issue, it is extremely unlikely the odure will hit the ceiling mounted air circulation device.

But. ....... were that to happen, perhaps our long-awaited revolution might just no longer be long-awaited....?


Trooper Thompson said...

We need a revolution. How else can we change this?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Hello Trooper T, hows you?

The longer this madness continues and we are ignored then a good, old fashioned, revolution is the only way.

Perhaps the time has really arrived whereby we need a resistance movement and one prepared to cause a few problems.......?

kenomeat said...

We need the trade union movement on board. They may not subscribe to most of our policies but on the EU and immigration many of them could be our allies. Bob Crowe, for example, is known to be anti-EU. The TU movement is best equipped for organising mass demonstrations and we need to engage them.

IanPJ said...


The Trades Unions organising mass demonstrations is a feint to pacify members now loosing their jobs because of the parallel government structure that has been in place over the past 10 years.

As the integrated European structures are now coming to the fore, the older strictly UK structures are being swept aside.

The Trades Unions are responsible for much of that policy which comes out of the EU through their membership of advisory and policy committees in such institutions as the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and the little known Assembly of European Regions (AER).

Read my post of Sept last year for more details.

kenomeat said...

I've just read your post from September. I guess my idea was naive at best. Another hope shot down in flames but thanks for the info. I'm currently writing letters to local newspapers about EU issues as part of a campaign. It's not as dramatic as marching on Westminster with pitchforks but at least I feel I'm doing something.

IanPJ said...


Your welcome. But if you really want to keep up to date with the tons of bull coming out of Brussels, then The Albion Alliance Presents.. is the site to read.

Its updated every hour with lots of self pandering, self interest and of course spending lots of your taxes by the EU.

Anonymous said...


See this


WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: Interesting link. I'm with southern electric and their bills only charge vat at 5% & no mention of govt obligations.......?

Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

I think I am reasonably well informed, but this came as a shock. A truly devastating list, and when implemented, we will no longer be a self-governing, independ country (already we are hardly that). This is truly frightening.
The media, and especially the BBC will not publicise this - not with the egregious Patten up there.

Anonymous said...


Somewhere in the bill must the RoC charge. If it is not, then it is hidden within some other charge.

Cameron etal cannot make foreign aid and other undesirables as a legal commitment, unless there is a "secret" source of funding.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Of course the media won't and am surprised Hannan and Carswell are not jumping all over this.......

DP111: Cameron can and will do whatever he wants........

conservation chris said...

Do you know why we have so many rules and regulations from government that rob us of our freedom and independence and our wealth, is because we contract with them, council tax, income tax VAT, business tax, all of it, is a contract that you accept.
This is because the courts in this country are upholding the legislation passed by government or councils even, and by our consent to pay them is their contract to be paid, or so they thought.
Freedom is our right under the law of the land, common law which is derived from G-D's lAW which is the10 Comandments.
These are the LAWs that we accept and don't break.
Legislation from government, all of it, is a contract that we can refuse, a contract needs two signatures, how many people signed a contract to pay council tax? None, put their signature down on a piece contract to agree to pay council tax, or parking tickets, or income tax.
It is all just a big deceptive con,,,check this out...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

cc Lawful Rebellion is something that I am investigating....