Monday, 13 June 2011

Educating the future European elite

We have all read of the largesse of the European Union and of those who work within - calls for an increased EU budget; trips abroad for 'research'; 'signing-in' and then disappearing for a long weekend - yet one aspect of their largesse goes mainly unnoticed by the media and because of that, unknown by the public.

Mary Ellen Synon blogs on 'European Schools' set up with the sole intention of providing superior multi-lingual international schools which are producing a caste of taxpayer-funded euro-elite who will grow up with connections and networking skills denied to other children. She writes also that selection of the nearly 22,780 pupils is based entirely on their parents’ connections in the EU. Children hoping to go to one of the schools are divided into divisions based on family status.

Does not this 'selection' breach all the rules of equality of opportunity in the field of education, something on which the Labour Party protest vociferously yet practice on the quiet? Should the UK have to fund the 247 British teachers at these schools? Should not the £25million subsidy be spent on our own education facilities rather than those of foreigners - oh hang on, I suppose this comes under Cameron's beloved "Foreign Aid"!

Just how much longer must we continue to pay for the largesse of the EU? Perhaps they need 'educating' about 'freeloading'?


Radio Free Britain said...

I do believe the Romans did the same, you can see where the EU gets its model from.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

RFB: Using the same analogy, the EU is sitting by while we have our 'Nero' moment prior to smashing up whats left of our Empire, England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland!

Adam R. said...

So being an overpowered, unaccountable elitist requires being sprung from the right loins? Maybe they can only marry each other until they start looking like the Hapsburgs. Uggggghh!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AR: As you not not an edifying thought!