Wednesday, 29 June 2011


There are two distinct categories in the traditional Greek dance; the springing/leaping dance - exampled by the 'thrace' - and the shuffle/dragging dance known as 'sirtos'; the latter being the oldest form of dance, where dancers, linked, follow each other in a continuous circle thus never getting anywhere.

It is acknowledged that members of the EU are forced to dance to any tune dictated by the European Commission; and in respect of the parlous financial state of the Greek nation, their politicians have, undoubtedly, complied with the requirements of the 'sirtos'.

According to Wikipedia, each region of Greece formed its own choreography and style to fit in with their own ways - a belief that must surely, eventually, become embedded in the minds of our own policial elite?

Just saying......................


Anonymous said...

Did you know ?
BBC newsnight aka Paxman got stuck into the EU tonight ?
Good points made by the onservative MP guest.
In fact some dutch or Belgian green MEP looked very mutch in the hot seat.
I was gobsmacked it was totally unexpected.
BBC anti EU .
Uuuuuh ?
I think I need a stiff drink.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Unfortunately I did not see Newsnight - in fact I have given up watching QT too as I find that generally the BBC coverage of politics has reached banality.