Sunday, 26 June 2011

Speeding cash-cows

The Independent discloses that the site of every speed camera is to be disclosed together with accident figures before and after its installation, coupled with the amount raised in fines and other 'punishments'.

Having been on a Speed Awareness course recently, one statistic which was released to those of us attending was that in the Thames Valley Police area - which covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire - at the end of 2010 there were just 297 fixed/static cameras and that, surprisingly, there were only 22 cameras, each costing approximately £25,000, which were moved between the housings, a decision taken on a number of factors such as accidents etc. The figure for hand-held cameras and those situated in vans, was mentioned, however unfortunately I cannot recall the statistics.

It will be interesting to see if the number of cameras has increased, depending of course on the period the released statistics cover. Bearing in mind the number of actual cameras available it is obvious that some housings are inoperative* during the course of a year, which would lead one to question the statistics that are provided.

Just saying...........

* As an example of this, there is a camera on the A338 twixt Gove and Frilford that is obviously empty at present as just last Tuesday a police van with darkened windows (darkened windows being a sign that it was a 'camera van') was parked by the side of the road just yards from the fixed camera.


Derek said...

The Safe Speed website set up by the late Paul Smith and now continued by his partner should carry enough information on speed cameras and their effects.

Those in Hertfordshire are claimed (as are most) by the 'safety' camera partnerships to have reduced accidents, but the data is specifically picked for its beneficial effect for cameras.

For the past three years, a specific gentleman whom I will not name here for simple privacy, has been challenging authorities using their own data obtained under FoI, and has substantially knocked the wind from their sails, to whit, he has proven beyond doubt that camera placings have in fact contributed to accident figures in a negative way.

Cameras Kill, whether fixed or mobile. Fixed camera installations distract, whether loaded or not. Distraction kills. If disguised or hidden, they are a cash machine. YOU, are the ATM. Does it make you more nervous when driving? Are you looking for something other than genuine hazards? Uncertainty kills.
Shoud we obey all speed limits where applied?

The arguments rage on, fuelled by a population bred on 'speed kills' propaganda. Few, like the above mentioned have taken the Bull by the horns and challenged it. It's a paper mache scam like the one that arrives through the letter box. Road safety is an attitude of mind, not enhanced by any box or number on a pole

WitteringsfromWitney said...

D: Good comment. I do intend doing a bit of research on these figures and will hopefully blog in a day or so....