Thursday, 9 June 2011

Our Lords (and masters) have spoken

The government has suffered a defeat in the Lords over its plans to offer the public a vote on major transfers of power to Brussels. Peers backed a cross-party call for referendums to be binding only when at least 40% of the electorate takes part - so reports the BBC. So the unelected dictatorship have thus chosen to force the elected dictatorship to overturn their wishes, regardless of what the people may want.
Oddly, I don't recall any such requirement being voiced when the AV referendum was held - and one can only hope that the HoL has not put ideas into the heads of those in the HoC!

As Lord Pearson remarked: "Their [the people's] decisions, even if only 15% of them turn out to vote, will be very much wiser than those of our failed political class."

Just saying...........

For those wishing to read what was said, the Lord's Hansard is here.

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