Monday, 27 June 2011

Useless Eustice

I note that the Beano Conservative Home website has enagaged a new script writer for what is fast morphing into Comic Cuts, in the shape of George Eustice one of the MPs who was a signatory to the letter setting out what was laughingly called "Mainstream Euroscepticism".

Eustice demonstrates his hidden comedic talent with his description of David Cameron as "a genuinely Eurosceptic Prime Minister", a comment which, besides raising a laugh, must call into question Eustice's powers of reasoning - but hey, Eustice is a Conservative MP which probably explains all......

Eustice writes about foreign policy and watching Cameron's statement this afternoon in the HoC on the subject of the recent European Council, it seems to me that the EU does have a foreign policy, Heads of State are briefed on and then return to their national parliaments to repeat that message. It is also quite hilarious listening to questions being raised by MPs on policy areas over which this country has ceded power to Brussels - something which demonstrates the impotence any government of this country presently suffers. On this subject the only obvious fact is that this afternoon's proceedings involved a sham statement made by a sham prime minister to sham MPs sitting in a sham parliament.

A genuinely Eurosceptic prime minister? Surely a breach of the Misrepresentation Act!

Update: Open Europe's press summary today states:

Group of 100 MPs to challenge Cameron on EUThe Independent on Sunday reported that 100 “moderate Eurosceptic” backbench Conservative MPs are to challenge David Cameron to take a tougher stance on Europe. The group's co-founder George Eustice MP, former press secretary to Mr Cameron, said: “We need to break the power of the centralised institutions of the EU and streamline the project so that it does less and does what it does better."

So the Conservative Party is not a eurosceptic party, but a moderately eurosceptic party - and shows Eustice is another of the "change from within" brigade. How one changes a dictatorial regime without gaining entry to the dictatorial clique, I know not!


Woodsy42 said...

"A genuinely Eurosceptic prime minister? Surely a breach of the Misrepresentation Act!"

I think, as you imply, that this is a question of semantics. To most of us lot eurosceptic means we want out of this evil and destructive political institution. But to Cameron eurosceptic means simply that he disagrees with some of the details.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: Agreed! What might be termed a policy of European Social Engineering!