Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Really, we would just like to be left alone...........

An Englishman's Castle picks up on a report in the Times (£) in which the Royal College of Psychiatrists are saying that people over 65 should drink a maximum of only 1.5 units of alcohol a day. It is also a subject that Velvet Glove Iron Fist comments on and Chris Snowden makes some basic points about this 'nannying' that is practised at the moment by both politicians, charities and advisory bodies.

As Chris Snowden so admirably states, how much people drink is of no friggin business of the three aforementioned sections of our society. It may well be the case that these advisory bodies maintain they are only attempting to decrease the cost of human behaviour to the NHS, however if politicians and their sycophantic followers still wish to try and run a 'cradle to grave' health service, free at the point of use - for which people rightly maintain they have paid into 'the fund' - whilst allowing untold hundreds of thousands of other people from within the EU to use it on the same basis but without having paid into the fund, then what follows can only be described as a recipe for disaster, a point that anyone with a basic understanding of economics would realise - but there I go, digressing again.

What we are witnessing is the gradual process of social engineering which is being practised by our political elite whereby the process of their being elected is changed on the basis the people have no desire to express any opinion on how they are governed - hence we then move to full-blown dictatorship, a state from which the 'democratised dictatorship' we are presently experiencing is but a short distance away.

Over at the ukColumn, Dr. Edward Hamlyn writes:
"The manuals of psycho-political warfare describe how to conquer without armed conflict. Nuclear warfare is not practical for conquest, because the conquered territory is not safe for occupation.

Therefore we need to look at the methods in vogue for achieving conquest by consent. By demoralising people it is possible to so grind them down, that they sink into apathy and lose their will to fight for their freedom, or even their lives.

Wrecking the economy is the first line of attack in this process. It is the easiest to achieve and does the most harm to people.

Even worse than slavery is enforced idleness. Enforced unemployment results from a wrecked economy. When we study the rules of psycho-political warfare, we find that economics, education and religious beliefs, are the prime targets, with health and the medical profession, justice, ethics and art all in the firing line.
As Dr. Hamlyn so rightly writes above, we are being ground down, we are becoming demoralised, we are sinking into a state of apathy. Since 1997 this process of demoralisation has increased and at each step the British people have accepted it and not once fought back - had they, the Lib/Lab/Con would not have the stranglehold they do have on the political scene within this nation. Political manifestos are now mere works of fiction and bear no relation to what is promised and then actually delivered. The political elite have engineered a situation whereby the supposedly 'free press' is beholden to them for their income, hence the public cannot and do not learn the truth about the future and what is actually being planned for them. With the compliance of what is a 'muzzled press', alternative political views and polices are suppressed and do not receive equal coverage in the media. Coupled with that and by means of their cohorts in the press, the Lib/Lab/Con have conditioned the people that they and only they have the gravitas to govern us. In so doing they have also managed to negate the idea in people's minds that, actually, we don't need to be governed in order to live as a free people.

Too often measures are enacted in Parliament of which coverage is minimal, or not mentioned at all by either the politicians or the press. For example one can immediately think of the right given to local authorities to suppress the production of leaflets advertising any event, other than one of political or religious nature. Where was this mentioned in the Labour Party's manifesto? More recently we have the examples of local referenda and recall of MPs being promised, yet there was no mention that both would be subject to negation by local and national politicians in any party's manifesto.

Then of course we come to this nation's membership of the European Union and the loss of sovereignty that that membership entails. Where, in any party's manifesto, was this mentioned - or even a hint that it might be on the horizon? Returning to the subject of a free press, it must have been obvious to anyone who follows politics that those facts would not be publicized, but what is even more amazing is that those two stalwarts of Eurosceptism, Hannan & Carswell, have not even mentioned those facts, either by word or mouth, to my knowledge.

It is generally acknowledged that Gordon Brown wrecked the economy, a process being continued by Cameron and Clegg, Gordon Brown instigated enforced idleness by the creation of a 'benefit culture', education has long been a political ping-pong ball between the political parties with, it seems to me, the sole aim of creating model citizens (witness the teaching in our schools of the EU) at the expense of the 'Three Rs'. We are now informed by Trevor Phillips of the Equalities Commission that Muslims integrate far better than indigenous Christians and that, unsaid, Christians had better mend their ways. The desire of control that our political class wish to exert knows no bounds, illustrated by Dick Puddlecote who reports on the attempt by Alex Cunningham, Labour MP for Stockton, who wishes to prevent people smoking in their own cars when children are present - a Private Members Bill subsequently passing by something like 78 votes to 66. The fact that this has little chance of progressing further is beside the point - it is but yet another example of how the process of conditioning continues apace. What is the next step? Banning the sale of cigarettes with so many miles of a school? Banning smoking in one's own home? Yet another example of conditioning comes, once again, from Dick Puddlecote who links to the Shropshire Star which has a story detailing how any adult walking alone in a park can be stopped and questioned as a suspected paedophile. Why do we allow any politician to decide that an adult on his or her own is a potential paedophile and when was this policy mentioned in any party manifesto?

As a nation we no longer have the means, financial or military, to be the world's saviour against poverty and wrong-doing, neither can we assist other nations whose politicians cannot understand simple fiscal rules - and it is hypocritical of our political elite to wage war attempting to instill a system of government that they do not allow in their own land - yet through this conditioning process we are informed that it is for our own good and protection

Just when will the population of this nation wake up to what is happening around them? We can discuss the merits, or otherwise, of small government and "Referism" all we like and for as long as we like, but if the people are deaf and blind, do not those of us who aren't, not have a duty to force change, to stop what is no more no less than our own persecution? If that change cannot be effected through the ballot box, do we not have the right to resort to social disobedience, resistance and rebellion?


Anonymous said...

Excellent presentation - as always - of the facts and of the state of the situation as it currently stands.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Thank you kindly!

Anonymous said...

That Dr. Edward Hamlyn article is straight out of the 'Frankfurt School'

Anonymous said...

I just read your post and commented - then when on to Orphans of Liberty where I found this:

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A(1): Apols if I being a tad thick but not sure to your inference. All I know is it is what we are suffering now with our political elite.

A(2): Yup, just read JH's piece.

kenomeat said...

Excellent piece WfW. I have noticed over the last few weeks a growing aggression amongst bloggers such as yourself, Autonomous Mind and Richard North (the three I read every day) which I assume results from a growing exasperation with Cameron and his pathetic excuse for a government. He has a lot to answer for when respectable democrats are talking about revolution.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: Thank you for your kind words - and thank you for placing me amongst such exalted company! :)

Restoring Britain said...

An excellent post and a sobering observation at the end about the apathy of the British people. My posted today is in direct relation to this as I think this is the message that needs to go out.

People shouldn't send their jokey emails and funny videos today, they should send a link to your post and some of the other blogs out there to start spreading the message. Eventually people will stop lying down and we need to do whilst people can do so with legal, lawful and democratic means.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

RB: You too are extremely kind with your comment - thank you.