Tuesday, 28 June 2011

And the Conservative Party is Eurosceptic?

Johnathon Isaby, on the Conservative Home Beano website writes on the reflections of six Conservative MEPs who were elected for the first time in 2009. The six MEPs in question are: Vicky Ford (East of England), Ashey Fox (South West England), Julie Girling (South West England), Emma McClarkin (East Midlands), Kay Swinburne (Wales) and Marina Yannakoudakis (London). In the first of what will comprise two articles these MEPs were asked three questions, namely: (a) Have any of your views about the EU changed after seeing its institutions work at close quarters?; (b) Has anything surprised you?; and (c) What has most impressed or depressed you?

The answers are illuminating and show that the Cameron vision of EU membership is alive and well amongst his new MEPs. In response to the first question Vicky Ford is obviously in awe of the Council where she reports a Minister can vote and amend proposed legislation, meanwhile Ashley Fox is really pleased that having met a Commissioner in respect of a constituent's problem, said Commissioner was helpful in the resolution of that problem.

On the second question Ashley Fox complains about the power wielded by Daul and Shultz at the expense of not only other political groups but also MEPs - having witnessed how his party leader has his own party in a vice-like grip, one wonders why Fox is surprised. Emma McClarkin states that nothing surprises her but that she remains astounded at the naivity of some of her colleagues, together with their arrogance - presumably something else acquired by watching Cameron. Marina Yannakoudarkis remains surprised at the lack of interest and scrutiny by the British press in the flood of European directives and legislation originating in Brussels which directly affects the UK, believing that very little is reported about the work done on pan-European issues such as controlling counterfeit medicines and people trafficking - to which one has to say that if we in this country did have a free and inquisitive press, instead of one in thrall to the political elite, then perhaps her wish might have occured.

On the third question it is noticeable that responses appear to be 'stage-managed' in that they hint at the dislike of the EU demanding more money when nation states are trying to reduce deficits, the need to reduce CO2 emissions yet MEPs are made to travel between two parliaments and the concentration on minutae at the expense of common sense - all matters which will, hopefully, resonate with the blinkered party faithful.

Anyone noticed one glaring omission in any of the responses? Not one Conservative MEP queried why they were there in the first place attempting to influence decisions that could - and should - just as easily be taken by their own government in Westminster - assuming of course that we had one!

I can but refer to the headline to this post.....................


Daedalus X. Parrot said...

I attended a function at which Vicky "La Diva" Ford gave a speech. She came across as a typical Cameronian, metrosexual, green, Obama-supporting, wishy washy, champagne lefty masquerading as a Conservative. How on earth she has the cheek to represent proper conservative values I don't know.

She is a wealthy, ex-investment banker married to a high ranking NHS consultant.

So, naturally, she has real world experience of the pain us normals are experiencing from above-inflation rises in energy, fuel and food costs.

She also has an annoying habit of wriggling her bum in people's direction.

Not a fan.

WitteringsfromWitney said...


"a typical Cameronian, metrosexual, green, Obama-supporting, wishy washy, champagne lefty masquerading as a Conservative."

That would seem to describe approximately 99% of Cameron's party!