Thursday, 23 June 2011

Final proof ConservativeHome really is the home of con

Richard North, Autonomous Mind and myself have long thought Tim Montgomerie to be a Cameron Puppet and today a tweet from this individual confirms just that. That tweet read:
"@TimMontgomerie Do please follow @ConHome if you want all the day's Tory's news and comment"
to which I replied:
"in view of don't you mean spin and obfuscation"
The post in question refers to a letter in the FT (£), the post heading being "Fourteen Tory MPs set out a "Mainstream Euroscepticism" in letter to the FT".  These so-called Eurosceptic Tory MPs wish only  to see a "reform agenda" for our membership of the EU, there would appear to be no "withdrawal agenda". We are also assured that, but for constraints imposed by the conditions of being a PPS and given more time the signatories of this letter would have numbered one hundred from the new intake, a statement no doubt intended to perpetrate the myth that the new intake are Eurosceptic - which a look at the voting record of Tory MPs on any EU matter confirms that Euroscepticism is indeed a myth where this party are concerned.

This group of so-called Eurosceptics reject what Montgomerie terms 'impossibilism' of the Eurosceptic wing of the Tory Party and he notes that Heaton-Harris led a rebellion against what he no doubt considered a 'reckless' motion on bail-outs. Of course former Lib/Lab/Con MEPs becoming MPs is but another insidious method by which the EU manages to subvert our nation's political system - a method of which David Cameron is undoubtedly in favour.

In view of the fact the Conservative Party presented themselves at the last election as a Eurosceptic party and to carry that myth forward, the least Montgomerie could do is to rename Conservative Home "The Cameron Daily News" - our Prime Minister seems to have acquired a team of acquiescent 'journalists'!

Update: From the Open Europe press summary today (not on-line at time of writing) we learn that a separate article in the FT notes that “The 14 Tory MPs…include some of the party’s rising stars, who are seeking to map out a more moderate eurosceptic stance, distinguishing them-selves from diehard sceptics." -  "Eurosceptic Mainstream"? - nuff said methinks!


The Boiling Frog said...

Great minds WfW, great minds - have just blogged on this and linked

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TBF: there are a few of us left..... :)Tks for link too.