Monday, 27 June 2011

Why pay someone else to do that which you can do for yourself?

EurActive has two related articles on the EU Budget here and here, the first about the EU 'busting' myths about the cost of membership and the second about the possibility of 'freezing' budget contributions. The first article quotes the EU stating:

"In response to assertions made in the Eurosceptic press that the EU "costs too much," the Commission writes: Simply not true. A Tax Freedom Day comparison is telling. When you calculate how many days in a year you have to work to pay the total of your yearly taxes, the national tax burden means that people work until well into spring and summer until they have paid their contribution. By contrast, to cover his or her contribution to the EU budget, the average European would have to pay only four days, until 4 January."
Whether that assertion about four days is true or not - whether it was only one day - where is the logic in funding someone else to take/make decisions that national governments could do just as well? Rather than direct that question to Brussels, I would rather direct it at the muppet presently inhabiting 10 Downing Street.

Surely the chief muppet would admit that nation states are different, as are their peoples; and that if nation states have to 'conform' and behave as one then he must also believe the people should do likewi............ Oh! *blushes in embarrassment*

Obviously Cameron, together with the rest of his EU-loving believers, is of the opinion that 'European Social Engineering' is the way to go.

To which I would comment that in any general election held under the sham that is presently presented to us as 'democracy', the aim is to elect a Prime Minister - not a pseudo 'God on Earth'!


Anonymous said...

Four days WfW - I resent one bloody second of my earnings going to this bunch of crooks.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Ditto, BJ, ditto!

Woodsy42 said...

4 days - so how about we keep the EU and get rid of all the others - just joking!