Thursday, 16 June 2011

Oh hell, two numpties on consecutive days - but then it is the Daily Telegraph

Having had one article from a product of the University of Non-Journalism earlier today (Benedict Brogan) tomorrow the op-ed piece comes from Peter Oborne, the latter who also attended the same university it would seem. Oborne heads his article: "Cameron does not realise what a powerful position he is in" - Really, Mr. O?

He writes about the state of the Lib/Lab/Con in relation to each other; about Blair 'buying into' Cameron and vice-versa; about definite similarities between today and 1997 (although not those he mentions); and about "David Cameron showing no sign of being aware of his new power and authority".

Besides the internecine party warfare, the fact there is little to choose between the policies of the Lib/LabCon - err, what is this "new power and authority", unless of course it is the right to be the first to say to Brussels "Yes sir, No sir, Three bags full Sir"? The only organisation in which Cameron - or any other British political leader - has power and authority is the "UK Parish Council" of the Brussels empire - which means that person has a bigger rubber stamp than anyone else.

As an afterthought, perhaps Brogan and Oborne should avail themselves of this deed poll service thus legally allowing them each to adopt an additional name: "Richard-Head"!


TomTom said...

I always have the sense that Peter Oborne has a drink problem. I also sense he ingratiates himself with the current Party Hierarchy in the hope of a full-time job. It is amazing how journalists come and go with the change of Government....almost Soviet

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Or a parliamentary seat.........?