Monday, 6 June 2011

EU Expansionism

The Daily Telegraph reports that the President of Romania states that 8 more countries could join the European Union by 2018 - and as with most of the DTs output one has to immediately ask: This is news?

It is only necessary to refer to the "Barcelona Process" - otherwise known as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership to appreciate the EU's interest in the uprisings in Tunisia, the latter country which the President of the Committee of the Regions urged to invest in local democracy and regional development. Whilst Libya is not one of the countries mentioned in the Barcelona Decaration, why the blazes does anyone think the EU - and their puppet Cameron - is so keen to effect regime change there? What we have here is the objective of gaining a foothold in one of the countries bordering the Mediterranean and, over time, we have a domino effect whereby the EU will work to ensure that the countries listed fall within the EU's grasp.

Those of us taught History at school will be well aware of the fate suffered by the 'unholy' Empire centred on Rome, when they too suffered from delusions of grandeur caused by greed and a policy of expansionism. 

Hopefully we in the UK will have escaped this madhouse before all this happens and will have the luxury of watching the carnage from the spectator's stands - although no doubt we will, once again, be forced to enter the arena to do that for which we do have a certain amount of expertise - namely to "bang a few heads together"!


kenomeat said...

If we are going to get out we must get out before the next expansion. We can't expect to win a referendum on withdrawal if Britain would be the only European country NOT in the EU. Our citizens would be scared of becoming the odd ones out.

Anonymous said...

What will we have to enter the arena with?
A frigate?
A tank?
A fighter aircraft?
Several hundred officers at general rank or above!

Misery Luckless Plight.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: Good point and agree.

A: Oh I don't know we must have thousands of MPs, Quango heads, bureaucrats that we send in first as cannon fodder........