Wednesday, 22 June 2011

As long as we all sing from the same hymn sheet.........

Apropos the preceding post and the subject of 'conditioning', it would appear that Scottish politicians are letting power go to their heads.
"Scottish Community Safety Minister Roseanna Cunningham told MSPs she could not rule out prosecutions for singing God Save The Queen, Rule Britannia or even Flower Of Scotland in or near grounds or pubs. She also warned that fans who blessed themselves in an “aggressive” manner could also face jail. The Scottish Government is trying to push through anti-bigotry laws in time for the start of the football season on July 23."
If this article is correct - and no doubt it is, although I stand to be corrected by Subrosa - then this is but another attempt by politicians to meddle in matters that really are none of their concern; one that will only highlight a problem and worsen it; that is almost impossible to enforce fairly; and one that opens a Pandora's Box yet again. Where does a policy such as this end? Is there not a danger of exacerbating a small problem and enlarging it to mirror the Catholic/Protestant scenario witnessed in Northern Ireland?

Any dismissive gesture or utterance can be interpreted by the receiver as causing offence - or is this the start of legislation to prevent the populace expressing their discontent with politicians? Citing the way Rule Britannia had become a sectarian anthem in some quarters and saying other conduct could shift into the realm of the offensive, depending on context, is a deliberate attempt to limit the freedom of expression and speech. Mind you, it is but an extension of the political practise of conditioning how the population must act, think and speak, so one should not be surprised.

Paraphrasing a comment on Twitter, maybe the point of this idea is just to demonstrate the object is to be in power for its own sake and that policies are something that you can leave to....well, whoever, really......

As matters stand this is a problem for Scotland and her people to resolve - one can only hope that it has not put ideas into the minds of the empty-headed that populate the HoC!

Update: An Englishman's Castle has details of the Bill as presented.......

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