Thursday, 30 June 2011

An apple a day doesn't keep the police away - and other stupidity

For some time now it has been obvious that the bureaucratic mind believes in strict adherence of the law, to the extent that it would seem they all possess a common purpose, as against common sense.

A number of stories from the Daily Telegraph (well three, to be precise) which bear out this accusation:

A 13-year-old boy gets woken at 11.20pm on a Saturday night by police calling to question him about an alleged incident involving an apple being thrown at a 11-year-old boy.

The wife of a school chaplain, who has presented prizes at Speech Day, volunteering to cover any shortfall in teachers due to the planned strike is informed that they did not need to accept her offer as none of their teachers would be striking, but that had the need arisen she would have to have been CRB checked.

Not on-line, it would seem, is an article in the print edition of the same paper which reports that Essex County Council told a home owner to wash off paint from a fading while line that he had repainted as he was fed-up with being blocked in his own driveway - one placed there to enforce parking restrictions outside his property - or face paying the costs of the clean-up.  A spokesman for Essex CC said its workmen needed to carry out the work for the restrictions to be enforceable.

From this is Devon, we learn of a couple with two young children, who moved onto agricultural land which it is reported they own, have been served an injunction preventing them continuing with their enterprise.

Now it may be that brutality towards children is a high priority with our police, that even those married to God's representatives on Earth are potential paedophiles, that those restoring land they own at their own expense, must all obey the law and no exceptions can be made; however the question must be asked whether this 'ordering' of society has reached a point where it must be curtailed. To achieve that curtailment may well be nigh-on impossible as there would appear to be so many of these 'petty-fogging' regulations in place that the problem becomes where to start. Add to that problem the fact we have become a litigious society - one in which rights are difficult to separate from wrongs - and any attempt to simplify the laws of the land is probably doomed before any attempt is made.

One does also have to wonder whether the Coalition's wish to stop the relentless incursion of the state into the lives of individuals was inserted into the Foreward of their programme for government merely as fodder for another 'U' turn.


Anonymous said...

Britain has been well and truly captured by bureaucrats - of the local variety and of a foreign variety (EU).

Gordon Brown had much to do with both of these, but Cameron seems determined to continue, while employing smoke and mirrors to fool us into thinking that he isn't.

It's no coincidence, surely, that the Nazi method of rule was via democracy. The French system is pretty much the same now. Is it mere coincidence, therefore, that our parliamentary systems being hijacked by bureaucratic and judicial fiat? I think not.

These people who have hijacked our country believe in technocracy - rule by experts, overseen by technology.

They care not that when the computer says "no" - as is often the case when we are forced to follow procedure rather than employing common sense and human judgement - that we get these idiotic rulings by our 'leaders. This is mere evidence, to them, that their godawful system is working.

Morality, common sense and decency are not the objectives of these people. That is the fundamental issue which the great majority of people simply cannot comprehend - which is why we are having difficulty getting them to understand that the government is not on our side.

The objectives of these faceless bureaucrats is order - their order - where their interests are served. We are mere farm animals to them, who keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

We need a revolution, Mr W. I believe it is coming.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant that the Nazi method of rule was via *bureaucracy*. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yep WfW, what Fausty said - Corpus Juris - the state will tell us what is legal and not legal.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

F: You have vented your speen far more eloquently than I could have done for mine - well said!

BJ: Now Fausty's comment was a rant......!

kenomeat said...

Of course Cameron will do nothing about it. It's not his job. We elected him to appear alongside world leaders for photo opportunities, to tell EU leaders how we should all pull together, to boast about how much British money is being given in international aid and to make Britain the greenist country in the world. That is why we elected him, isn't it?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: NO, I know - we elected him cause he is a Eurosceptic and heads a Eurosceptic party..........

Andrew said...

"One does also have to wonder whether the Coalition's wish to stop the relentless incursion of the state into the lives of individuals was inserted into the Foreward of their programme for government merely as fodder for another 'U' turn."

No, the bastard was simply lying through his teeth. (Like with almost everything else he promised.)

He probably thought it was hilarious that some fools believed him and voted tory...