Saturday, 1 October 2011

We've heard this all before

With the Conservative Party conference about to begin, Cameron hits the press with this piece in the Mail which can only be described as yet more political claptrap. The first bit of claptrap comes in his opening paragraph when he states his party will not be meeting to talk amongst themselves but to talk to the nation; yet of course that is exactly what the Conservative Party will do, as do Labour and the Liberal Democrats, whilst allowing the nation to listen in. He writes about the worries of every home in paying rising energy bills, yet who condones the continuance of those worries by his insistence of continued servitude to Brussels who sets the parameters by which energy bills continue to rise? He writes about laying the foundations for a solid future and that as we are not in the euro, that can be done on our terms. We may not be in the euro but we sure as hell are liable for future bail-out sums via the IMF until 2013 and we sure as hell are subject to economic oversight by the EU Commission, with further 'controls' in the pipeline. He also raises the red herring of immigration and the cost of welfare for those immigrants, conveniently omitting the fact that he cannot limit those from the EU and equally he is unable to stop those EU immigrants getting all the benefits of the welfare system.

In a separate article in the same newspaper we are informed that Cameron promises to slash red tape, although in Cameron's piece he does not explicity say that - which is probably just as well because we have heard that from him before here, and here and we are still waiting for it to happen, which it can't again due to EU membership. As Alex Brummer, This is Money, writes:
"Phrases like ‘ending the red tape’ of legislation which has tied business in knots, and a ‘bonfire of the quangos’ trip off the tongues of our politicians so very easily, and are a standard part of almost every speech made on business by prime ministers, business secretaries or chancellors."
Richard North, EU Referendum, 'fisks' Charles Moore's op-ed piece in today's Daily Telegraph, to which little can be added, other than the fact that all Cameron can do where the governance of this country is concerned is 'whistle in the dark'. I can but reiterate that which Richard North writes, that our democratic system is totally unfit for purpose and is rotten to the core both morally and financially. On this subject an interesting article appears in the Daily Telegraph by Graeme Archer; and one passage is worthy of note:

"....... but I’ve never believed the reductionist argument which says we cast our vote primarily for economic reasons. We vote because there’s something about society we want to see re-engineered. Conservatives feel let down, not because the deficit is being tackled, but because too much in society feels the same as it did before the election. They understand that Mr Cameron requires Lib Dem votes to retain his anti-Labour majority, and that being politically shackled to the decaying Lib Dem corpse prevents the introduction, in this parliament, of proper Tory measures – such as tackling the Human Rights Act."

We may well vote in the hope that society will be re-engineered, but it never is - at least not in the way people would like to see. It never will be either, whilst politicians can act as elected dictators and decide matters amongst themselves, consequently, under the present system of democracy, they are wasting their vote.

Reverting to the subject of claptrap, we get more of this from Philip Hammond who again is on his HS2 'hobbytrain' with this article - never heard of TEN-T then, Mr. Hammond? John Redwood posts on the government's plans where development of our rail network is concerned. That the "Delivery Plan" seems to have totally ignored the EU's intended legislation that the user pays and subsidies will not be allowed appears to have escaped their attention - and that of John Redwood. That the "Delivery Plan" reads like the old USSR Tractor Stats makes one wonder whether this document is Tract or Fiction?

We are indeed being led by our political elite like sheep to the slaughter - and still the people remain unaware. No doubt the lightbulb will come on just as the bolt to put them out of their misery is about to be fired into their brains.


Oldrightie said...

Like you, I found Cameron's piece atrocious cock waffle.

TomTom said...

It is simply kabuki theatre and of interest only to journalists and others who live for the performance

Adam R. said...

Talk to the nation? More like talk at the nation. Adding another coat of blue paint to feces still doesn't change what it is.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Or: Beyond belief, that piece was it not?

TT: Agreed, which is what I thought I said in far more words......

AR: Love the last sentence!

Anonymous said...

At least two years before the last election, I had a suspicion that such was the state of the UK, that neither of the main parties really wanted to be in power with a good majority. I wrote of this at the time on EU Referendum and other blogs.

It seemed astounding - the Tories could have had an overwhelming majority in parliament if they had stuck to their promise of holding a referendum on the EU's Lisbon treaty. But they reneged on it, and predictably, their support dropped. The same on many other issues of the day. As they withdrew from traditional conservative principles, their support dropped. Again, Labour came out with yet more insane policies. The impression I got was that no party wanted to be in real power on their own, as then they would be expected to reform the NHS, Benefit system, immigration and asylum policy, and much else.

So the outcome that was the best in each party’s interest, was to have a virtually hung election. A coalition would then give to each of the cohabiters, an excuse why they could not fulfill their election promises. And so it is.

So what does this amount to? It is a conspiracy to deny the people a choice. In effect, the LibLabCon is political cartel.

Again, at the time I wrote, that to destroy the cartel, we need to vote for any party, any party, including Monster Raving Loonies, BNP, UKIP or any party, or anything but the LibLabCon, for the latter three had committed the ultimate political crime – to subvert the democratic principle by denying people a choice.

JohnM said...

We do not "need" to vote for any party. Just put a "X" in the square that has "Independent" beside it.
Political parties have become the cancer in the body of society. They are all of one basic thought, and that thought is of themselves, not us.

Anonymous said...


Good idea.

VOTE INDEPENDENT. This is the key to our independence as well.