Thursday, 13 October 2011

Trust? Honour? Principle?

One of their own has just posted:
"Once again SW1 people have deliberately used words to create the impression of an assurance that they are now only too quick to explain was never made. They use words as a conjurer might use mirrors. But the crowd are not entertained. Their patience is wearing thin at being taken for fools for too long. The lesson to draw from today is simple; you cannot trust SW1 people on Europe. And if they won't deal straight with you, how can we possibly leave it to them to cut any new deal with Europe?"
It is fair to say that, never mind Europe, the people in SW1 have shown that they cannot be trusted on anything. They have no honour, no principle as our present form of democracy requires neither. Not only is the 'flesh' rotten, but so it would appear is the 'core'. That which is wrong with our society and democracy can be explained by paraphrasing Teresa Stover, someone who has highlighted a few salient facts.

The current state of the news media is partially to blame for the public's general lack of information vital for responsible citizenship in a democracy. The news media has become an aspect of show business, offering merely 'infotainment'. It has evolved into an entity that tends to function as a public relations agency for wealthy and powerful multinational corporations, members of Parliament and the current political leadership, including the administrations that preceded the present one. The news media is being utilized as a political tool of suppression and propaganda by those in power - and propaganda is psychological in nature. Full of half-truths and utter misinformation, it's an arrogant and very commercial strategy that is implemented because it appeals to emotions, fear being the main one with relentless talk of national security, personal and community safety.

The most obvious and condescending tell-tale sign that manipulation is taking place is that no one takes responsibility for the actions of the administration - it's always some other department who is to blame and never the people who have authority. Manipulators rarely advise you to seek new and diverse information or to 'learn and research' for yourself. It tends to be safer for exploitative and irresponsible leaders to keep their citizens in the dark: in their view less independent thought is better as independent thought leads to an inquiring mind, a mindset that eventually leads to the questioning of authority figures and that is the one thing that inadequate leaders and the present political class do not want. When a leader discourages questioning of his/her leadership style, actions and motivations, that is a sure sign that they have something to hide, that they are not worthy of the public's trust. The present power structure wishes us to believe that the only options available are those which they present to us, something we know to be simply not true.

When the present system of democracy, one by which anything is done - and those doing it - is known not to work, logic dictates that both must be changed. To bring that change about some would argue it is up to us to confront those who cannot see; those who cannot, or do not wish to, hear; it is up to us to spread the word. An alternative view held is that the only recourse left to those who know something is wrong is open, possibly armed, rebellion from which the bloodshed would be great - for 'them' and us.

As time is of the essence - and being an impatient sod - personally, I quite favour the latter option.


Contrarian said...

It stopped being anyone's fault a long time ago now. There was a time when it was expected that politicians would do the decent thing and resign when things went tits up on their watch. Not any more. The only time they resign now is when their thieving becomes so blatant the plod threaten to get involved. But as Huhne is showing, even that isn't guaranteed any more...

thespecialone said...

How politicians use us to further themselves:-

I have recently joined UKIP from the Tories and yesterday met a longstanding member of UKIP. To cut a story short, a few years ago he set up a committee to get a badly needed bypass built on non-political lines. This was after local councillors were just trying to point score off each other and it had dragged on for too long with no action. UKIP man and other locals got together and eventually funding was secured. In the meantime, a PPC for Labour in the neighbouring constituency heard about it and wanted to put her name to the campaign. Why? For the common good? Because she understood the absolute requirement for the bypass? No. She asked if she could put it on her election literature! She was told to FOXTROT OSCAR. She couldn't give a stuff about the needs of the locals; just so that it would make her look good.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to Round the Horn

There is an almighty flap on at No10. The PM needs to order an immediate strike against a bunch of foreign terrorists. Dave is on the blower trying to speak to the Minister of Defence.

Dave: Is that you Liam?

No you dont have that pleasure Prime Minister, allow me to introduce myself im the ministers very special friend, Sandy and sitting in with me today is my partner mr Bonar-Law.

Dave: Get me the minister immediately!!

Sandy: Oh you’re so formal and old school aren’t you! Anyway what do you want?

Dave: Well if you must know I need to launch an urgent probing operation!!

Sandy: Sounds interesting could be right up my alley. It just so happens you’re speaking to the right man. My colleague here mr Bonar-Law is a Barrister and I can assure you that he has handled some bizzare briefs in his time.

Sandy continues: Anyway Dave where do you want your probe.

Dave: Half way up the Hindu Kush.

Sandy: Oh Dave you are cheeky! I never knew you had it in you. So bold , So anyway who is the target? At that stage there is abit of interferrence on the line.

Sandy: Whats that you say about an Oily Fu**er!

Dave: You silly man. I said its the Wiley Fakir.

At that point an Australian voice cuts into the conversation.

G’day cobbers, Just doing my monthly phone audit. Why dont you lot stop pi**ing about like a load of whingeing POMS and get some bleedin work done. Thats what I pay you for isn’t it!!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

C: Quite correct!

tso: nice story and typical, no?

Anon: :-)