Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nick de Bois obviously does not 'do' debate

Yesterday I posted that Nick de Bois, Conservative - Enfield North, had decided to follow me on Twitter and I therefore thought it a good idea to direct him to my blog with a view to starting a debate.

Having been out all day I have just noticed a response from him on Twitter, timed at 23:40 yesterday:
"enjoyed your blog but I said I would follow you not pander to you..nice try ~:)"
to which I replied at 19:17 this evening:
"Do not expect you to pander to me - however extremely disappointed you chose not to debate. Why, do you have something to fear?"
That Nick de Bois will not pander to me - not that I have asked him to, just to debate - is probably because he seems to spend most of his time in Parliament pandering to his leader and his leader's whips - on only two occasions has he rebelled against the party line.

That our elected representatives would appear to go out of their way to actually converse with members of the public - except come election time when they have no option, or when forced so to do at their surgeries -  leaves me completely bewildered. Is it any wonder that the public view Members of Parliament as distant? One would have thought that debating with members of the public would be one sure way to change public opinion.

Or perhaps our Members of Parliament are as thick as planks ' de Bois'?


PeterCharles said...

"One would have thought that debating with members of the public would be one sure way to change public opinion." There is your mistake, it is only public opinion when it is in the MSM, is an Establishment view or among the chatterati. You have to be a 'person of influence' if you want an MP to take any interest in your opinion.

Pretty predictable you couldn't get an answer, still I have little doubt mine are just about what he would say if push came to shove.

Anonymous said...

Funny i thought Nick De Bois enjoyed a mass debate.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Merely citing logic, so not technically my mistake.......?
Otherwise agree with what you say.

Anon: Don't know - just hope he enjoys a mass execution when it comes!