Wednesday, 5 October 2011

'Mickey Mouse' qualifications

I alluded, in my preceding post, to David Cameron's 'faux qualifications' and the fact he (somehow) gained a first in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. That he has demonstrated a lack in the first and third has been demonstrated by recent events, however his lack of understanding in the second is also demonstrated by  another fact, one which shows why he failed to gain an outright majority at the 2010 general election.

From an article in the Yorkshire Post, by Janice Atkinson-Small - a former Conservative candidate who has defected to Ukip - we learn:
"However, as candidates, we were not allowed to discuss Europe and immigration. Those words could not go into our leaflets and campaign materials. They were considered too toxic. Immigration was the biggest issue across West Yorkshire at the last General Election but candidates were not allowed to discuss it."
A decision which illustrates the lack of his 'political nous', his dictatorial attitude to his country and his party - and his overriding love affair with all that 'sprouts from Brussels'!

That Cameron is a tad 'green' where his political ability is concerned; that he is a tad 'yellow' where his belief in his nation is concerned, consequently making the emotions of the electorate 'red' with annoyance; and making the remainder 'blue' in sorrow with the state of our nation, cannot be beyond dispute.

He should be extremely proud of his achievement - he has managed to alienate every facet of political opinion whilst at the same time, in his 'conference speech', imploring us 'to all 'work together'!


Anonymous said...

Cameron is definitely a fail as far as politics is concerned. He has, in under a year, alienated the core support of the Conservatives. As Labour supporters are unlikely to support him, he bereft of any support.

Cameron, in just one year, has become the Harriet Harmon of the Conservatives.

James Higham said...

If he were a man of principle, then the "work together" might have held some water.

TomTom said...

Having a First in PPE myself when it was still worth something, and knowing that Cameron took Art History, History and Politics with Economicsat A-Level; I doubt he took Economics after Prelims. My guess is he took Politics and Philosophy to Schools - the b@llshit PR man's waffle.

I suspect the same of Hague who was in The Magdalen Machine of Phalangists to get along.

I do not see Cameron as having any drive or graft to learn anything, he is one of life's cruisers and as Captain of BNC Tennis team he was probably right out of Jeeves & Wooster

TomTom said...


This is how angry people here should be !

Sue said...

He is actually the only British PM that is truly a "cross-party" figure of pure disdain.

I find myself agreeing with Labourites on him much of the time!

LJH said...

I think politicians should be disqualified from public office if:
a) they have studied PPE - makes them fluent in BS
b) they have studied law - they confuse legislation with action
c) they have been PR people - they use smoke and mirrors to conjure unicorns
d) they haven't worked for 10 years in the private sector - they should know when their feet are touching ground

PeterCharles said...

Excellent comment LJH, I have the exactly same opinion although I would add a fourth dis-qualifier, they have an Economics or Accountancy background.

As to Cameron's qualifications, faux or not, they are immaterial. Like most of his ilk he woke up one morning when he was about 14 and realised that he was destined to be prime minister, cure all of Britain's ills and save the world. This puts him firmly in the company of Blair, Brown, Clegg, the Millipeeds, Hague, Heseltine and so on ad nauseum. Like them he has a plastic political ideology, generically social democrat, aimed squarely at getting elected. He saw Blair's success, decided that was the winning political formula and unreservedly embraced Blairism in its entirety. Indeed his conference speech, or what snippets I could bear to listen to, was pure Blairist social democracy. And the idiot delegates lapped it up. Like sparrows with a cuckoo in the nest they simply cannot believe their own eyes or ears.

TomTom said...

they have studied PPE - makes them fluent in BS

The only one to have become Chancellor of the Exchequer was Roy Jenkins; Harold Wilson was one of the very first to switch from History to PPE in 1936.

Blair was a Lawyer; Major had no degree; Thatcher was a Chemistry graduate with an Unclassified wartime degree and poor attendance; Callaghan had no degree; Brown had a Scottish degree from Glasgow; usually British PMs and Chancellors are lawyers.

Journalism seems to be a preferred route - Ruth Kelly, Ed Balls, Peter Mandelson, Huhne, etc etc

TomTom said...

'If it is the view of others that spending 2.3 per cent of our annual budget on a personalised tool for learning is inappropriate, clearly they are entitled to that opinion.'

Daily Mail today about Head spending £500,000 on iPads for 1200 pupils....

How does this school - Honywood Community Science School in Coggeshall, Colchester -have an Annual Budget of £25 million /??!!!! That is over £2 million per pupil !

TomTom said...

That is over £2 million per pupil

Of course, it isn't ! It is £20,833 per pupil.....astonishing figures for a State School day pupil!

Anonymous said...

Is David Cameron a plant by the Labour or Liberal parties?

How else to explain that he has more in common with the above, then with Conservative ideas.

The Travelling Toper said...
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WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: That DC is a fail, agreed. PC's comment below about sparrows and cuckoos is most apt.

JH: Very true. The other point that I believe puts people's backs up is the hectoring/lecturing tone of politicians.

TT: Late commenting as I knew you would be back on the £2mn figure. Looked at it and thought: "Whaat!"

Sue: Right there!

LJH: Personally I would be happier if politicians were disqualified, period!

PC: Very good analogy, thanks!

DP111: DC pulled the biggest con trick when he managed to get elected leader. The biggest con by a con over other cons.

Anonymous said...

In the wake of that crisis, now exacerbated by Eurogeddon, the Chancellor George Osborne is applying his second-class BA(Hons) in Modern History to 'the most serious financial crisis we've ever seen' to expand the asset purchase scheme under which the Bank of England buys government bonds from commercial banks.

Politicians do not always do what is right and necessary because they do not know what is right and necessary because they are not qualified to know. They are devoid of conscience, deficient in intellect and lacking knowledge. Their objective is power and exercise of power and the retention of power.

The wealth and work of generations is being squandered by these buffoons.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: Good point - yet another politician in the wrong job!