Sunday, 9 October 2011

For heaven's sake, Matthew d'Ancona

how on earth can you pass off what presumably you classify as an example of journalistic excellence, when it could just as well have been written by Conservative Central Office - or even their office boy, Tim Montgomerie?

That every premiership is a negotiation between public and Prime Minister over what Britain is, and what it should be is utter crap, considering the present state of democratised dictatorship under which we live. Where, please, is the 'negotiation'? We have a system under which political parties present an open-ended manifesto of their future plans - one in which they make no promise to adhere to and then ask the electorate to accept it, which the poor numpties do, time and time again.

d'Ancona quotes from Cameron's Manchester speech, one in which he maintains Cameron sought to rally the country: "hard-working", "pioneering", "independent", "creative". "adaptable", "optimistic" and "can-do". In the present political climate it is extremely difficult to do, or become, any of those whilst (a) we are subservient to Brussels and (b) as Lola posts, over at Mark Wadsworth' place, when the state runs over half the economy and massively regulates the rest of it.

Like our democracy - and for the same reasons - we learn that the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster is tilting and could eventually collapse as it appears the foundations have been disturbed, coupled with the fact that the inhabitants of that place are suffering from the same defects as HMS Victory which it is reported is rotting and being pulled apart under its own weight.

That our nation is rotten to the core thanks to our political elite and their bureaucratic machinery, all of whom appear to be riddled with a 'common purpose', is undeniable. To borrow a phrase from Richard North, EU Referendum, can anyone give just one reason why we should not rise up and slaughter the lot?


TomTom said...

ANGER is not expresed in England, the population is heavily dosed on tranquillisers. Do an FoI Request and see if it confirms the claim that areas like Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchesterm West Yorkshire, Hull are heavily prescribed SSRI mood controlling drugs long-term to keep the dissatisfaction docile.

Then watch Al-Jazeera "Meltdown" produced by CBC of Canada and watch the riots in France 2010 and Greece, and ask why they never appeared on UK TV.

Ask why a grieving father in Birmingham was lavished with praise in August when he urged his ethnic group not to get into battle with another ethnic group which had killed his sons....why we were not told the ethnicity of the killers; why we did not learn this father awaiting trial for GBH and was on bail......why was "News" manipulated.

Is it because the Gilded Elite are frightened of Revolution ?

Anonymous said...

No - funnily enough, I can't WfW.

For all their worth it is just as well kick all of our 'representatives' out into the street and close and lock the doors.

At least that way we won't be paying for two governments.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: It is about time that the Engish peope did express anger!

BJ: Then in the reputed words of that chap on a 9/11 flight - right, lets do it!

Woodsy42 said...

Negotiation! The arrogance is astounding isn't it? His job is to do what the majority want, some guidance to avoid obvious stupidity of course, but always in the direction promised and voted for by the electorate.
The assumption underlines the failure of our democtatacy.

Woodsy42 said...

oops - so annoyed I can't type properly.

PeterCharles said...

Wrong Woodsy42! "His job is to do what the majority want, some guidance to avoid obvious stupidity of course, but always in the direction promised and voted for by the electorate. Oh I agree that is what they tell us they are there for, even if it is a weaselling way talking about the results of public consultation and listening to the public and responding to the public. Substitute clique, vested interests, cronies and news headlines for 'public' and you know where there supposed legitimacy comes from. As WfW says, we vote for our government on the basis of a manifesto of generally vague, ill-defined policies and aspirations based on that supposedly public demand, of which some they intend to keep, some to keep in spirit only, some they never intend to see the actual light of day and some, the majority it seems to me, simply placeholders for things they know have little public support but want to do anyway.

This is because they do not see their role as expressing the public will, they see their role as a God given right to do what they decide is best. It is purely accidental if what they do happens to be good for the man in the street, because the man in the street is at the very bottom of their priorities. Those priorities are to do the best for their clique, vested interests and cronies while mitigating any contrary news headlines. The commentators and party cheerleaders the likes of d'Ancona and Montgomerie are simply a part of that mitigation.

And no, while there are no consequences for ineptitude and no popular control of either the purse strings or legislation there is no reason why we shouldn't just rise up and slaughter them. More than no reason, no alternative is closer to the truth.

Ian said...

I was just thinking how terrible it would be if someone entered the Commons (quite easy, I believe) with some common household chemicals and mixed them together.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: You're forgiven, needless to say!

PC: Thank you and heartily concur! And thanks also for the support!

Ian: Off you go then......?