Thursday, 20 October 2011

Some plain speaking from Lord Willoughby de Broke

Helen, Your Freedom and Ours, points to an article in the Daily Express by Lord Willoughby de Broke on the subject of Monday's debate in the House of Commons. Helen has highlighted the passage which appeals to her and quite rightly too in view of the content. Personally, I would also highlight the following:
"We have a political class that has decided that it knows best, that it has the sole right to decide for the people of Britain what is and isn’t in their interests. It remains aloof from the hopes and fears of the majority. It wishes to continue with policies that have long since been rejected in the hearts of our citizens."
In their continual refusal to grant the people a say on EU membership; in promising Localism incorporating referendums, but allowing the people's vote to be ignored; all that the political elite in this country are doing is confirming that we do indeed live under a system of democratised dictatorship. Just how many times do I have to keep repeating this before people wake up and begin to use what brain cells they possess?

That eventually the people will rise up and rebel cannot be denied - as a people we are slow to anger, but once angered..........

Cameron, Clegg, MilibandE - and all their MPs - would do well to reflect on Gadaffi's fate!


Anonymous said...

You must first remove the greatest obstacle for people thinking for themselves namely the B.B.C

James Higham said...

would do well to reflect on Gadaffi's fate

Cameron abetted it.

Anonymous said...

Another pretendy sceptic, "citizens" is the clue - Eurospeak.

PeterCharles said...

We read that passage as a severe criticism and assume such was his Lordship's intent. However, it is beyond obvious that probably every single MP is of the opinion that they do indeed know best, collectively if not personally, and for them the rest of the comment is a straightforward and accurate definition of British representative democracy that shouldn't even twitch an eyebrow, let alone raise one. They believe representative democracy does give them the sole right to decide policy, that it is their duty to remain aloof from public opinion and it is right to continue with policies that may well be rejected by the electorate if they believe it is right to do so.

You could also say they do have a point, after all, as politicians they know better than anyone just how easily public opinion and sentiment can be manipulated. And it is that potential for manipulation they claim is the rationale behind representative democracy, to stop demagogues making unfulfillable promises and using rabble rousing rhetoric in order to gain power.

The answer, of course, is it hasn't actually worked, has it?

Sue said...

PeterCharles is right. As soon as they are in a position of "power", in their minds, they are elevated to the position of "godlike" status. Patronising, teasing and generally laughing at us in our ignorance of the world.

Guy Fawkes had the right idea. Speaking of which, did you see his latest post? (You're gonna love this, not a lot.... )

Anonymous said...

We have a situation where the people are mendicants, begging our political lords and masters, "Please Sir, can we have an election to determine the course of our country". " NO".

As long as we behave as serfs, we will be treated as such.

Ian said...

Gaddafi's fate? HE was lucky.

Stuart said...

Letter to papers:


I am given to understand that all three party leaders will be whipping the vote over a referendum on our membership of the European Union by our representatives. The phrase “elected dictatorship” seems to be ever more apt. It matters not how many people sign petitions to request a debate. It is just that, a request. When the wishes of the people collide with the wishes of the elites, we have little power to achieve what we want. How can that be described as democracy? I hope that it is becoming ever clearer to more people, that our present system of “democracy” is failing us and needs radical over-haul. A system that includes direct democracy where we have the power to over-rule our representatives when they do not represent us must surely be the only way we can effect a happier existence for our future and our future generations.

Anonymous said...

From the article

Europe in disarray with France and Germany divided

The decision, made apparently without prior consultation with other EU leaders, caused surprise in Brussels. It was also unclear if Sunday's planned meeting would be shelved altogether. Summits should normally be called only by the EU President, Herman van Rompuy, and are held at massive cost, with an army of security personnel and police drafted in. "We were not informed," said one dumbstruck EU diplomat. Another said: "It's about time the French and Germans stopped talking just to each other and starting informing the rest of the world."

Oooh!So the jumped up apparatchiks of the EU are hurt that they were not consulted. The fact that they were ignored,is a positive step.

graham wood said...

But what can be done to practically oppose the self appointed arbiters and censors of public opinion?
Clearly, and with the brazen "instruction" from Cam and Milliband to their (?) MP's to tow a party line and vote ONLY in accordance with orders give, we are witnessing the end of even the tattered remnanants of democracy that remained at Westminster.
The answer? Look and work for radical change sufficient to abandon the Westminster model entirely which is riddled with partisanship, collusion to silence the electorate on this supremly important issue of national self determination. We abandon it by NEVER AGAIN voting for any of the three main political partys ever again.
We TELL MP's (not ask them) to abandon the Party Whip system with imediate effect. (only then can we get functioning independently minded representatives at Westminster.)
Then, and positively we need to work, and gather support for, direct democracy along the Swiss model.
The sooner we can unite and organise along these lines the better, bearing in mind that the existing powers structures at Westminster WILL NEVER voluntarily be dismantled by the power hungry inmates there, who do not understand the first principles of democratic representative government.
It may well be that the farce to be enacted out at Westminster on Monday may be a political watershed?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: The BBC will be 'sorted' in the great revolution.

JH: Then Cameron has just aided the speed of his own demise......

Anon(2): Agreed.

PC: Well said, as always!

Sue: PC invariably is spot on the money!

Ian: And so is Cameron soon, God willing!

S: Nice letter.

gw: Exactly and pleased you also favour a change to a Swiss style of democracy.

DP111: And while we remain supine...... We need to take to the streets!