Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mixed message?

Osborne was very specific in his Commons statement that British taxpayers' money would not be used for the new Greek bailout, neither would it be put towards any special IMF package for the eurozone. Unfortunately that doesn't mean we can avoid further costs arising from our obligations to the IMF. He repeated his promise of two weeks ago, that "Britain stands ready to consider the case for further resources and contribute with other countries if necessary". (Now that is an offer that Christine Lagarde will probably grab with both hands). Yet just hours later Guido Fawkes tweets that the "first CCHQ press release from new Econ Sec Chloe Smith attacks Ed Balls for not wanting to send more money to the IMF to bail out €urozone."

The phrase: "Get your acts together, boys and girls" springs to mind.

Just saying.................


john in cheshire said...

Ed Balls not wanting to use our money to help his socialist pals, that's something to be remembered. I don't believe it, mind.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Forgive me but you miss the point? Osborne saying one thing and Chloe Smith saying another?

We all know politicians talk 'Balls'