Monday, 17 October 2011


Tim Montgomerie launches yet another vehicle for his vacuous outpourings and lists 10 arresting facts to illustrate the poor showing of the party he supports. If Montgomerie is unable to realise, at the outset, that the reason for all ten facts is David Cameron then he is wasting not only his time but also what few brain cells he possesses.

That Montgomerie cannot acknowledge the simple fact that a party unable to oust what was probably the most unpopular administration for decades can be laid at the door of their leader and his strategy; that he can still talk about 'Compassionate Conservatism' (which is what, exactly?) and that in his list he cannot even mention what is probably one of the major concerns of the electorate, namely immigration, shows that like his party's leadership he is a boy attempting to do a man's job.

It would seem that The Boy's boy needs to realise that until his party elect a Conservative as it's leader the party cannot even begin to affect public opinion. But then who needs a party anyway to rescue our country from the clutches of insane people with insane objectives when a far better method already exists?


notareargunner said...

The buggars are still trying to extract the knife from Maggies back.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

narg: True!

PeterCharles said...

'Compassionate Conservatism' is Social Democratic Conservatism, big state, big regulation, politically correct, authoritarian, cradle to grave welfare statism.

thespecialone said...

Compassionate Conservatism is socialism by another name. Compassionate Conservatism is Cameron's Conservatism, but not the grassroots supporters' Conservatism. Compassionate Conservatism is the reason why I quit the Conservative Party in disgust and joined UKIP in the hope that somebody can get this country back on track and sort out every mess that the EU is involved in (ie virtually everything in this country).

Anonymous said...

Prior to the last election, as Labour became more and more unpopular, all Cameron had to do to win a thumping majority, was to keep his mouth shut. Instead he went for the policy of announcing even loonier policies then Labour. He also ducked out of his promise to hold a referendum on the EU constitution, aka the Lisbon treaty.

The impression I had then, that such was the parlous state of the nation, none of the three parties wanted to be in power. So it proved to be, and we now have a coalition, where each of the parties can blame the "coalition".

Essentially, it is rule of government without accountability of any party, including the one in power- a state which all governments would like.

Robert said...

If you want an example of how stupid Dave is, look no further than todays circus where Dave took on the energy companies and got....nowhere! This was all across the media today, with Dave visiting poor oppressed families having cavity wall insulation fitted. What was the end result? We should change supplier and fit more insulation and double glazing.

There will be another 4p a liter on petrol in the New Year. That will garner more votes at the next election. Dave really knows get the electorate 'onside'.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: As ever, agreed!

tso: Agreed also!

R: The intelligence of the man beggars belief, does it not? Nowt more than smoke and mirrors!

TomTom said...

where Dave took on the energy companies

Hardly. They are being allowed to gouge customers to fund investment in new power stations.....there is nothing accidental in price increases, they are probably agreed with Huhne's Department up-front.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Agreed! (missed that point - oops!)