Saturday, 29 October 2011

The dearth of a blitz and the lack of 'ack-ack'

'Dearth' - a lack, scarcity : 'Blitz' - from the German 'Lightning'. That Darlington was originally known as 'Dearthington' and Daniel Defoe thought the place was remarkable in that it had nothing but dirt could probably be applied to this article in that there is a dearth of logic contained therein and it does nothing but attempt to dirty the waters. Likewise the writer of this article needs a bolt of lightning to bring forth any element of knowledge to his mind.

Darlington writes:
"An October poll by IPSOS/Mori told us that only 1 per cent of voters put Europe as their highest concern. Only 4 per cent put it as among the highest concerns. By contrast, 68 per cent say that the economy is among the most pressing issues facing Britain. MPs and the Government have to strike a balance between the vehemently pronounced concerns of a minority and the quieter, more visceral concerns of a majority."
For heavens sake, just how many times does the point have to be made that if politicians won't discuss or mention the subject - unless forced to - and the media will not write about it, again unless forced to, the public will not be aware or be able to form an opinion about 'Europe'. Darlington continues:
"To quote Edmund Burke one more time: “patience will achieve more than force”. This notion of timing it right, along with a divergence with tactics, wording and content, is what MPs, in their judgement, voted for on Monday."
First, where he alive today, Edmund Burke may well be about to find that force will achieve more than patience in that I believe the public's patience with the political elite is fast running out. Second, Darlington is wrong in that MPs did not vote in their judgement - that 'judgement' had already been made for them by the Whips; and for some by the desire to retain their ministerial positions.

All one can say about the second article is that had the MSM bothered to read the blogs (EU Referendum, Autonomous Mind, The Boiling Frog, UKK41, Calling England, Ironies Too, Ian PJ on Politics, Muffled Vociferation, to name but a few*) they would have known that the subject of 'Europe' never went away - in fact, as a subject, it became even more discussed. That the idiot - because that is exactly what this 'journalist' is - who penned the FT article continues to discuss a course of political action that cannot happen just shows he has carried out no research and thus knows not about that which he writes.

There is of course yet another reason, besides the one outlined in my previous post, that repatriation of powers will not happen and that comes from this article in the Guardian, one in which Nick Clegg has directly contradicted Cameron. David Cameron, on the subject of 'Europe' is fighting on a number of fronts; namely public opinion, Labour and Nick Clegg. Were his Deputy Prime Minister a member of his own party Cameron would no doubt have sacked him some time ago. Rather unfortunately for Cameron, who is intent on remaining at Number 10, he needs to keep Clegg on 'board' in order to accomplish that intention. In any event, knowing that all three party leaders are intent on keeping the UK in the European Union it is obvious that our political scene today is but a sham, one in which Cameron talks about repatriation of powers with the complicit agreement of Clegg, who in turn states that repatriation will not be condoned, a statement made with the complicit agreement of Cameron. It is all for public consumption dear reader and should be accepted as such. Whilst there may be a few MPs, such as Philip Davies and Philip Hollobone who understand why and for what they have been elected, there are others such as Nick, Enfield North, who exhibit a level of intelligence akin the proverbial plank 'de Bois'.

We all know that Matthew d'Ancona is a mouthpiece for Cameron (and his latest article in the Sunday Telegraph once again illustrates that) but when an avowed 'eurosceptic' MP - and a member of Better Off Out - pens an article for the Sunday Telegraph, one in which he too writes about how best repatriation of powers can be accomplished and in the process does not even mention that said repatriation is a 'no-no', then it becomes obvious the rot in our political system is firmly embedded. Anyone still believe Douglas Carswell is a 'eurosceptic'?

It must be as plain as can be that to remove the rotten, debased and disliked Quislings that inhabit our political system we must, to paraphrase Leonard Cohen, first take Westminster and then present the civil servants inhabiting Whitehall with an ultimatum, namely that they do as instructed or they too face a lamppost - their choice. After that, we bring in a participatory form of democracy, thus ensuring that the people of this land never ever again have to endure the purgatory that has gone before.

* With apologies to any omitted........


john in cheshire said...

I think the upper level of civil servants also need to face their lamp-post moment. It's the second tier servants who should be presented with the option. The upper level are incorrigible but the fear of meeting their maker, sooner than they had planned, should temper the attitudes of their subordinates.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention WfW - I note that Clegg denies that Cameron is looking deeply at the civil service.

I agree with john in cheshire - that's where most of the damage is being done.

Cameron/Clegg always come over as a 'good cop, bad cop' routine to me.

Anonymous said...

I am getting a lot fed up with Cleggover, that tart is so up himself and he speaks via his sphincter.
If the political will was there to repatriate powers it could be done, all it needs is a little brinkmanship, using a bit of nous we seem to have lost - but then again the calibre of our political claque is so p*** poor these days.

Close British waters to foreign trawlers now. Immediately withdraw British 'Danegelt' and bring forward the aircraft carriers construction - buy American Jet fighters capability:F/A-18E/F super hornets. Then start refitting Gibralter for Carrier support refits and beef up/refit mothballed ships.
That would concentrate minds in the Brussels whore house.......Aka -Berlaymont.
They'd fall over themselves in the rush, firstly to the cra88er and then to the negotiating table.

PeterCharles said...

It is depressing that virtually all MSM political correspondents, contributors and opinion writers are in reality wannabe or armchair politicians, when not paid party mouthpieces of course.

This is why the MSM rarely if ever stray from a 'party' line except for an occasional minority view from the likes of Booker or Mary Ellen to provide balance, even if it is grudging. In European terms of course the 'parties' all have the same line, EU good, anything else bad. Thus there can be no real debate led by the MSM, unless one of the titles decides to back UKIP as I have probably mentioned before.

All is perhaps not lost. I note that the Daily Mail, probably the second most influential British paper, God help us all! has lately shown definite hints of CAGW scepticism. It may just be that as a populist rag it is simply pandering to the public mood having realised the hysterical 'we're all going to die' boom has run its course now that the reality of cold winters and obscene energy prices set by government interference has popped into public notice. This may be but a chimera caused by my own desperate desire for at least a scintilla of common sense to prevail, on the other hand it may be a true realignment. If this so then there may be light at the end of that tunnel. In similar vein, while I don't see any paper willing to back UKIP I can see the possibility that one might be tempted to back the 100+ block of Eurosceptic (by their definition, not mine) MPs now that Euroland is showing definite signs of political panic. That apart, once the EU wheels are actually seen to be falling off, or even wobbling a bit too much, they will all be clamouring to show how 'sceptical' and 'knowledgeable' they were all along and will be loudest voices of all calling for exit, no doubt saying they only backed repatriation because while they knew it couldn't happen people weren't ready to accept better off out at the time, better to go along with things, keep the old powder dry and all that.

kenomeat said...

Fascinating piece by Peter Hitchens in today's MoS calling for the 80 EU-rebel Tory MPs to quit the Tory party. I quote:
"If 57 soppy anti-British, pro-crime, anti-education, pro-immigration, anti-family nonentities can push David Cameron around with the constant unspoken threat of walking out of the Coalition, think what 80 pro-British, anti-crime, anti-immigration, pro-education MPs could do to him by actually walking out of it."
If only they had the guts to do so.

Bill said...

San Tzu, who allegedly knew a thing or two about winning a war, was asked by his king to prove his skills so one of the courtiers asked him to prove how good eh was by drilling women of the court, hoping of course that San Tzu would fail.

They were split into two divisions and marshalled by the kings two favourite concubines.
At the first attempt they collapsed into laughter. San Tzu apologised to the ladies and said he hadn't made himself clear.

Second attempt they collapsed into laughter and San Tzu ordered the concubines to be beheaded for not understanding his now clear instructions.

The king interceded as they were his favourite concubines and said to San Tzu he had proved his point.
San Tzu said he hadn't proved anything and went ahead with the beheading and made two of the next level concubines the divisional leaders and tried the drill again.

It will come as no surprise the third drill went without a hitch.

Stealing a saying from WFW... Just saying that is all...

The Boiling Frog said...

Thanks as always for the mention Mr WfW.

Love the fact that Darlington writes about the EU and the economy as separate entities regarding voters' concerns without making the obvious link that the both are very closely intertwined.

Many of his readers will make the connection even if he doesn't

PeterCharles said...

I've just noticed another crack in the facade: Czech PM Considers Referendum to Halt Joining EU.

You know what happens when dams start to leak. Sadly with our political idiots we'll already be drowning before they wake up to the fact it is even leaking.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Boiling Frog. The economy (or anything else for that matter: immigration etc.) and the EU are not mutually exclusive - infact are intrinsically linked.

Autonomous Mind said...

I think Carswell believes he is a Eurosceptic. Perhaps he is just a little bit dense and like most people doesn't understand the constraints of EU membership, or how things get done (or get kept off the agenda).

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: No, they all get prsented with the ultimatum!

BJ: Pleasure, but see above.

Anon(1): Quite like those ideas....

PC: As ever, agree - especially about dams....

k: Unfortunately, they won't!

Bill: Fair comment and 'steal away'...

TBF: Pleasure and good point that you make.

Anon(2): Agreed.

AM: Carswell is most definitely not dense and is well aware of that which he does and says.