Friday, 21 October 2011

A 'car-crash' tv moment by both Labour and Conservative

I refer to the appearance on the Daily Politics by Emma Reynolds (Labour) and Andrew Rossindell (Conservative), reminescent of Justine Greening's dismal time on the same programme.

View for yourself - and just ask yourselves how is it that such people get elected as MPs?

Emma Reynolds hasn't a clue what she is talking about and Andrew Rossindell believes that Cameron is doing the right thing for Britain, yet at the same time is criticising him. Sheesh!

And we should not accompany these apologists, representives of the majority of their class, to the nearest lamppost and attach hemp to their necks 'pour encourager les autres'?


john in cheshire said...

peut etre extirper les autres. Better outcome for everyone, I think.

Pavlov's Cat said...

how is it that such people get elected as MPs?

Because we don't have a 'none of the above' option

No, I'm kidding. Because these people 'want' to be MP's they want to interfere in peoples lives, they want the power, they have the absolute certainty they are right.

Most normal people would run a mile, people who want to MP's are a breed apart with more in common with sociopaths than the rest of humanity

john in cheshire said...

PC, I agree. I think that no one who wants to be an MP should ever be allowed to become one.
That also applies to many other jobs; eg. social worker.

Katabasis said...

"the constitutional treaty was very different to the Lisbon treaty"

How the f**K did Brillo not pull her up for that piece of complete and utter bullshit!?

john in cheshire said...

Katabasis, precisely. I don't think that politicians even know when they are lying. Or Ms Reynolds is the epitomy of shit for brains. Or both, I suppose.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: I'd go along with that.......

K: Because Brillo has an 'agenda' too?

To be fair, he obviously has a programme to do and probably did not wish to be sidetracked and waste time thus missing out what he wanted to quiz her on......?

jic: Politicians do know when they are lying, that is the trouble. They lie for personal career gain. That is why we need a radical alteration to our system of democracy, one whereby we can haul these bastards back and give them a summary P45.