Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This renegotiation 'thingy'

During the debate yesterday - and previously - Cameron, Hague and their acolytes - were all proposing that renegotiation to enable the clawing back of powers was the course of action to take in order to resolve the admitted difficulties created by our membership of the EU. Likewise there was mention during the debate - and in other debates - of the fact that Parliament was the sole arbiter in matters of sovereignty.

The questions I would wish to pose to those believers of an unattainable dream is just how they propose clawing back powers without renegotiation; what procedures exist to do just that; just what would be offered, during the necessary renegotiation process, in return for those powers; which powers, specifically, should be returned and what would be conceded, coupled with just who would make those decisions?

How can those who believe in continued membership of the EU on their terms, ones that would result in only partial self-governance, maintain that Parliament can still be the sole arbiter in matters of sovereignty? That position is completely indefensible and illogical - therefore those that propose that should have no place in the House of Commons. The illogicality of allowing those who created a Gordian Knot being entrusted with untangling it cannot be allowed.

That those 'renegiotiators' and 'claw-backers' have another 3½ years in which to create yet more havoc, to enmesh this country even deeper in a federalist state, means that the people of this country, if they are to preserve their country and it's independence, have only one option - and that is to copy the Libyan method of regime change. If that means we too have a few secret and therefore unmarked graves, so be it.*

Just saying.....................

* Afterthought: It would also relieve us of the necessity to read such journalist outpourings of crap such as this, this and this.


James Higham said...

The simple answer, as we well know and they do too, is that they can't claw them back.

Anonymous said...

I heard a top EU offical on the world service the other day. He was nearly speechless with rage at the notion that britain could take back some powers. Quite rightly he said you cant enjoy special advantages over other members of the EU. He went on to say that if Britain really didn't like the current settlement it could leave!!

Well that is not unreasonable is it. Furthermore if by a one in a million chance Britain did actually negotiate a return of powers that would the require a treaty change. That would automatically trigger a referendum in Ireland but ironically not in Britain. I can give you a categoric assurance. The Irish will never ever ever agree to Britain being given an advantage that they too dont enjoy.

Renegotiation is complete ant utter Bollocks!!

Anonymous said...

The future of Europe is to be that which is presently observed in Greece.
Call it an omen of the future.

someday said...

New petition for an EU referendum:


Robert said...

You have to wonder at our politicians when they talk of repatriating powers. We know it is impossible, but still they peddle the myth. All the opt-outs 'won'by the likes of Major at Maastricht have gone. We would have to convince the other 26 governments to allow us to take back powers.

This raises the question about the competence of our rulers. Either they don't know that we cannot repatriate powers or the are wilfully deceiving the people.

I know which I believe.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JH, Anon, Anon(2)& R: They will eventually be 'found out' and the electorate will shrug its shoulders and carry on with their own little lives whilst further enslaving themselves.

s: Further petitions will just be binned. We've had one and you can bet your last euro that they wont grant/allow us another.