Sunday, 30 October 2011

Truth is the new 'Hate Speech'

The title of this post is taken from a video over at Klein Verzet's place. Whilst this speaker is talking about the islamization of the United States, a great deal of what she say is true in this country. For example, if you dare to speak out against membership of the EU you're promptly accused of xenophobia, or, speak out against immigration and you are accused of being a racist. She also makes the point that politicians control the media and thus control what information is available. As an aside to that last point, Off with your head confirms that view.

Autonomous Mind posts on "The next European War" and The Boiling Frog on "Another Warning" and both posts are well worth the trip over to read them. Coupled with these two post and likewise worthy of reading is that from Janet Daley on the Telegraph website. I particularly liked this section:
"Indeed, it is often quite eerie how the statements and mannerisms of EU officials, seemingly so dedicated to being the precise opposite of earlier, infamous generations, end up echoing (or parodying) the more memorable moments of the war-torn 20th century. When the president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, proclaimed, “I am pleased to stand before you this morning and confirm that Europe is closer to resolving its financial and economic crisis… We are showing that we can unite in the most difficult of times”, I half expected him to wave a piece of paper in the air and proclaim economic stability in our time."
That the public is becoming more and more aware that our politicians lie to us; treat us as 'cash cows'; believe they are a race apart; have no real understanding of democracy; through a compliant media, control the information provided to us; and consequently treat us as slaves, brings forward the secenario of a 'peoples revolution'. That because the political system is rigged against the electorate means that Janet Daley's end of her article is even more relevant:
"It relies on unswerving belief and enforced conformity, just like all the “year zero” political movements that ended in totalitarianism and terror in the past. The one hope is that the great mass of the people, unlike most of their political leaders, seem to understand all this quite clearly. It remains to be seen whether they will have to go out on the streets to make their case."
 As a nation our first characteristic may not be immediate retaliation against those that offend us however, as history shows, when 'push comes to shove' we are as good as - if not better - than any other nation in showing our displeasure when it becomes necessary. When 'shove' is the only alternative left I am sure the British people will do so to such an extent that they will be able to face any other nation and, quoting the words of Mr. Punch, say to them: "That's the way to do it".

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