Friday, 7 October 2011

".....there were hundreds of empty seats at the back of the hall for Cameron's speech"

So posts the self-opionated, self-publicist of the Conservative Party.

Methinks young Tim needs to remember that if the star comedian is not that highly thought of.........

The cost is neither here nor there - remember the likes of Les Dawson, Bernard Manning, Max Miller, Tim? People travelled miles, at great personal cost, to hear them and they played to packed houses.

Just saying........... (as always!)

Afterthought: On the subject of Max Miller, a short monologue:
"I like the girls who do,
I like the girls who don't:
I like the girls who say they will,
And then decide they won't.
But the girls I like the most of all,
And I know you'll think I'm right,
Are the girls that say they never will,
But look as though they might!

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