Sunday, 2 October 2011

A personal Sunday post

A few years ago when I was on my first "Malt Cruise", we called at the isle of Iona, visiting the Abbey. In the shop the skipper of the boat I was on purchased a cd, purely on a whim and not having heard its contents. The cd was called "Legends" and featured Steve McDonald, of whom none in the party had heard.

From the album, two tracks, the first: "Far Away", from youtube; and the second, "The Narrow Line" which I am unable to find on youtube, can be accessed from the link below, player opening in pop-up window. The lyrics of the second are important for all of us........ (Don't let the 'intro' deter you, please)

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subrosa said...

For a Kiwi he's certainly managed to achieve the Celtic mood.