Friday, 14 October 2011

A philip to the greening of the transport brief?

It would seem the media and twitter are totally enthralled with the Liam Fox saga, presumably on the basis that this news trumps all others, so it would be discourteous to let such important news pass on this blog without at least some attempt to comment with the required degree of gravitas that it deserves.

With the announcement that Philip Hammond has been moved to the post of Defense Secretary, which seems an odd choice as Hammond's defense of HS2 was abysmal to say the least, then this can only be held as yet another questionable decision by what may be termed the chief executive officer of EU region UK. One can only suppose Hammond was delighted with his appointment as he must consider it a 'filip' to his career.

In regard to the appointment of Greening to Transport Minister, one can only hope that she shows more of a grasp of her new portfolio than she did as Economic Secretary, when she got 'trashed' by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics. As a result of her performance then, it could perhaps be said that prior to wrecking the nations finances even further we should be grateful that she has been moved 'justine' time.

It is a requirement that all comments to this post continue in a similar vein - thank you.


Anonymous said...

I sat "Andrew" a blank stare as I tried to think for "Eunice" things to say, but nothing comes "Tommy" mind clearly just yet. That is all I "Will" say.

NewsboyCap said...


Just back from the pub, surely not the 80 miles an hour numpty, ffs.And not the 'we've got this quantitative credit thingy, we just need to work out the details over the next few months' eejat, OMG.
Bring on the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT it can't be any worse than the Cocks we have now.At least we'd only be dealing with one set of idiots rather than the 2 or 3 we have now

TomTom said...

Someone commented on Telegraph that this was a Public School Debating Club playing Government. It is such a bunch of third-raters that corruption is a useful alibi.

The Conservatives are a laughing stock. If they weren't there simply to look after City Friends one might feel sad that government had sunk so low, but they are tasked with Serving The City and that they do well with their looting of the population

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Not bad........

NC: Noooo. Not OWG, anything but please!

TT: The Cons may be a laughing stock - problem is they're not funny!

TomTom said...

problem is they're not funny!

Oh but they are ! RIDICULE is so rarely used nowadays to show how farcical these poltroons really are and satire is absent