Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Why the UK is a dictatorship posing as a democracy

When Cameron denies the people a voice over membership of the European Union  purely because their wish is at variance with his own belief, he acts not as the head of a democracy.

In the words of Albert T. Bledsoe:
"If the right of secession be denied and the denial enforced by the sword of coercion; the nature of the polity is changed, and freedom is at its end. It is no longer a government by consent, but a government of force."
And therein lies yet another reason for change in the system of democracy by which we live.


TomTom said...

Go over to the FDP in Germany, Merkel's Coalition Partner; their Eurosceptic MP Frank Schaeffler has just gained membership support for a party referendum on European bailouts......first time any plebiscite taken place.....but FDP likely to be destroyed at polls come next election for propping up Merkel

Anonymous said...

I did,nt vote for Democracy.

Sue said...

We have to overthrow the government. They have left us no alternative.

Anonymous said...

The Bovine stupidity of the Tories reaches new depths. For example that silly little minister, Hammond has been all over the media in recent days banging on about raising the speed limit to 80mph on Motorways.

His argument is something along the lines of. The majority of people want it and therefore in a democracy the government should respond to the majority. Well that's fair enough isn't it.

However last night Paxo asked said Hammond whether as the majority wanted a referendum on the EU if the government shouldn't respond to that request. Absolutely not said the bovine minister.

How is it possible for two such totally contradictary political positions to occupy the same brain.
One possible explanation is that such brains are possessed by lying cheating deceitful traiterous scum bags!!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Links?

Anon: Up the anarchists?

Sue: Too right lass!

Anon(2): political principles....?

Anonymous said...

I am anon 2

Dont quite understand your banter old boy. I dont think for a moment you can believe that any Cabinet minister actually adheres to political principles. In Hammonds case the 80mph issue is a cheap win on which he doesn't have to spend to much money.

With regards to his rejection of a referendum, well he just does what he's told, just like all the other quislings.

The sad thing though is that when they are caught out like last night the media refuse to go in for the kill. If I had been interviewing Hammond instead of Paxo, I could hace made him look and sound like a complete Dick who is incapable of linking his thoughts into a cohesive intellectual outlook on life. In short I would have exposed him for the lying Toad that he is.

Quisling politicans and a totally tame mainstream media. We've got a big job ahead taking on this lot.

PS if you are asking what my principles are, I would say Independent self governing UK, Small but compassionate government. On a political level these views are best expressed by voting UKIP (i.e the real Conservative party).

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon(2): You obviously missed my intended irony.....?

On what you views are, then whilst supporting Ukip in the voting booth, they too miss the point. If you believe in what you say then perhaps a look at my 'Constitution' series as it is only through that will we get small government and rule by the people.

Stuart said...

The most tragic point is, our dictators don't require a sword. Unfortunately the British people on the whole are that stupid. This is the first conquest over people by a combined political elite from many nations taking advantage of apathy and stupidity.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

S: Can't fault what you say!

Anonymous said...

I must have suffered and irony malfunction. I will certainly take a more in depth look at your site. Thanks for the reply

Anon 2

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon(2): No apology necessary...!

Seriously, you want small government, freedom to decide your own and your country's future, then you need to embrace "Referism" and the proposals I offer in my series of 'Constitution'. It is a proposal based on the Swiss 'system of democracy' and if they can make trains run like clockwork......?

TomTom said...

TT: Links?


Anonymous said...

One must remember that Cameron is not the man in charge. The commissioners in Brussels are the ones in charge. If they say there is to be no referendum, as they know the result, there will be no referendum.

So how does one bring down this Kafkayesque castle. The castle and its king are too strong and well guarded by the minor pieces - politicians of the local authorities, Westminster etc.

As in chess, you start by whittling away at the pawns, the minor pieces- local government, councils. Once they are emasculated, it exposes the stronger pieces- rooks, bishops and knights in Westminster. Finally, the king in his Brussels castle is exposed.

Richard North at EU Referendum is doing precisely that. He now has others joining in the fray.